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It's that time again - for The ToolPost's Autumn Open House

British woodturners look forward eagerly to the onset of the autumn season, when the woodturning calendar gets back into its swing as we head into the busiest time of the turning year. With Christmas looming on the horizon and gifts to make as well as - hopefully - gifts to be bought, attention turns to the autumn woodworking shows. Although for many years we attended the national shows, the changing face of the retail market and an examination of our activities revealed that we could do a far better job for our clients by staying put and arranging for them to come to us. Thus were born our Open House events, which have gone on to become counted among the biggest events in UK woodturning. The latest of these key events will be our Autumn Open House here at The ToolPost premises in Didcot, South Oxfordshire, which takes place on 7th and 8th November 2015 from 10am to 4pm daily, and is set to welcome both new and familiar faces among its demonstrators.

For those who could possibly remain unaware, our Open House - which takes place every autumn and spring - presents the regular opportunity for guests to convene in our Didcot shop and experience, 'up close and personal', the masterful teachings and creations of some of the UK's finest woodturning demonstrators. The event is completely free in more ways than one - not just entry, but also parking, refreshments and the demonstrations themselves.

We therefore predictably tend to receive great numbers of visitors for our Open Houses, which - combined with our previous Friday/Saturday opening format - did present some issues in the past. First of all, there was the problem of parking space being at a premium on Fridays given its status as the last day of the working week, and then, there was the matter of many of our elderly visitors customarily deserting us by about 2pm, fearful of getting caught up in traffic.

Thankfully, we can report that such issues have been eliminated with the switch to an entirely Saturday-Sunday event - which means that for the next running of our Autumn Open House, our attendees really can focus squarely on the woodturning action itself and the magnificent creations that result! Topping the bill on this occasion are two of the UK's most renowned woodturners, Gerry Marlow and Jason Breach, who are also highly respected regulars on the demonstration circuit.

It's not just those two that visitors can look forward to seeing, however, as two familiar faces also make a return to the Open House - acclaimed woodcarver Simon Clements and master of pyrography, Bert Butterfield. Given the presence as well of many of our suppliers who will be happy to chat to you about any of your woodturning queries, the lineup is one that should excite many an enthusiast of the wood-crafted form. We would be delighted to have you, too!

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