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The 2014 Spring Open House - Another Success for The ToolPost

As the latest in its bi-annual celebrations of excellence, The ToolPost held its Spring Open House early in June. At this popular event, woodturning amateurs, enthusiasts and professionals alike were able to watch demonstrations by some of the finest practitioners of the turned and carved arts, close at hand. In keeping with The ToolPost's reputation for introducing rare talent of the highest order to the UK public, this event featured demos by the esteemed turners Peter Hromek, Seamus Cassidy and Robert O'Connor, as well as woodcarver Simon Clements and pyrographer Bert Butterfield.

 However, there was another subtle change to the event this year designed to make it even more certain that a great time would be had by all: the switch from opening on Friday/Saturday to Saturday/Sunday. The change was made primarily for ease of parking, as we have access to almost unlimited parking outside the working week. We also felt that a weekend opening would give visitors the benefit of far easier travel conditions, avoiding the need for visitors to make an early start to get to Didcot in good time and, more so, avoiding the need for an early rush homeward in hopes of avoiding the inevitable weekday evening congestion.

That change also had the knock-on effect of diminishing the build-up of queues at the shop tills as the "dread departure hour" approached, virtually obviating waiting in line "at a stroke". Anything that makes life easier and more pleasant for our visitors is a good move in our opinion! Thankfully, we are pleased to report that these changes at the latest Spring Open House, contributed to making it a big success even by the standards of previous events. Travel was easier and more relaxed, parking was more convenient, the weekend timing made the event accessible to a wider spectrum of people and access to demonstrations was improved, due to the better flow of 'traffic' around the shop.

All of these factors made our 2014 Spring Open House not only safer, but also more enjoyable for everyone involved. Our visitors were better able to appreciate the skills of such renowned woodturning professionals as Peter Hromek, known for his incredible multi-axis turned and carved hollow vessels as well as his production salt and pepper mills, and the Irish woodturner and cabinet-maker Seamus Cassidy. Our visitors were also again wooed by Robert O'Connor's insight into how he designs and creates his unique Irish wooden artworks, gifts and home accessories.

Isn't it amazing how something as simple as a change of days can make all the difference? It takes effect for our next event, too, the Autumn Open House, taking place on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th November, when we look forward to welcoming hat-maker Andrew Hall and Stuart Mortimer, master of the twisted hollow form. Don't miss it!

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