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Oxfordshire woodturning convert shows that it's never too late
to make a change

Our team here at The ToolPost is always delighted to hear stories of people who have taken up woodturning for the first time and made it their life's passion - even more so when it's someone from our home county of Oxfordshire!

In this instance, that person - as reported by The Oxford Times - was Greg Knight-Benjafield, who gave up his construction business of over 20 years in order to follow woodturning after his wife took him to a demonstration day on the bowl-making process. 

While it may seem like a drastic decision to most, he apparently doesn't feel this way and commented that "It was a completely new venture" and one that he had never before thought about as making for a viable career, although he has "always been interested in making things". His Burrwood Bowls studio is now situated near a forest in Bergbroke, not too far away from Oxford. "I absolutely fell in love with woodturning from the moment I picked up a chisel," he added.

Knight-Benjafield, 50, was so in love with what he discovered that day that he decided it should be more than just a hobby and took it up as a permanent job, coming to the conclusion that it was more worthwhile in the long run. He says how "I wanted something different that would give me more time with my wife and my five children" and that "I loved the fact that the results were instant."

It certainly looks as though it's never too late to completely turn around your entire career as evidenced by Mr. Knight-Benjafield's sudden change of heart after over two decades in the same industry. This wasn't exactly an easy as it sounds, though, as he added: "There was a lot of work involved." Still, there's no denying that it shows people how you can make big changes at any time in your life.

The ToolPost does of course specialise in supplying you with the best quality tools, equipment and materials so that you can try your own hand at woodturning, just like Mr. Knight-Benjafield. We even host our own demonstration days that could be of great interest if you wish to develop an already-existing hobby or are seeking to try woodturning for the very first time.

All in all, our store - whether here online or in our Didcot premises - is the perfect place for you to purchase all of the materials and equipment that you could possibly need to follow a new calling in woodturning this New Year.

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