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A Little About The ToolPost's Past... and Present

The ToolPost ( ) may now be a leading online source of the finest woodturning tools, accessories and associated products like books and DVDs, but it can trace its history back to 1997, when it was established as a humble webshop by owner, Peter Hemsley. Back then, it had a total turnover barely exceeding 6,000, compared to today's turnover of approximately 500,000. Even in those days, however, the more than 50% of the store's revenue that came from outside the UK previewed the future profound impact of online commerce.

Today, international business remains an important contributor to the revenues of The ToolPost, but UK buyers have also long caught up with the web shopping revolution. In 2011, largely in response to new corporate legislation, it was incorporated as a limited company under the name Toolpost Ltd although it continues to trade as The ToolPost, as it is better known by many thousands of passionate woodworkers, turners and carvers around the world. The current premises are in Didcot, South Oxfordshire, where visitors find an extensive selection of woodcarving tools  as well as woodturning tools and even a demonstration and training area where clients also try tools out.

Peter Hemsley's own woodturning experience goes back more than fifty years, as he was first taught it at school. However, it was only when his own son became involved in the craft that his enthusiasm was truly rekindled. Hemsley's own father was a toolmaker, while he himself is a mechanical engineering graduate, so he feels well-qualified to respond to the technology and product queries of The ToolPost's current day customers. To further ensure that clients benefit from only the most appropriate level of knowledge and expertise, the company is staffed by woodturners who are only too happy to share their experiences.

As far as Hemsley can determine, The ToolPost now stocks more different woodturning tools than any other retailer worldwide, running into the thousands. Although the company offers the best of the woodturning and woodcarving tools that UK brands produce, many overseas manufacturer's products are also distributed by ToolPost, including but not limited to - The Beall Tool Company, Wivamac, Hunter Carbide Tools, Shellawax (U'Beaut), Jimmy Clewes and Oneway. Also represented are DVD producers, like Mike Mahoney, Glenn Lucas and Reed Gray, for whom The ToolPost acts as UK/European distributors.

The ToolPost ( is also the originator and supplier of the Versachuck, the world's most versatile woodturning chuck, and manufactures the unique BCT range of easy-to-use hollowing and bowl-making tools. Today, Peter Hemsley speaks enthusiastically of the moniker of 'The Woodturner's Aladdin's Cave' that the store has been given by its many satisfied clients. He also confirms that as proud as he is of what his small team has created, they are determined to continue making The ToolPost's service bigger and better, by capitalizing on their enthusiasm for adapting to changing technologies and markets in ways that produce real benefits for the customer.

Editor's Note: The ToolPost ( is represented by the search engine advertising and digital marketing specialists Jumping Spider Media. Please direct all press queries to Louise Byrne. Email: or call: +44 (0)20 3070 1959 / +34 952 783 637.

1997-2010 P. Hemsley.  The information on this website is the copyright property of Peter Hemsley.  Coeur du Bois and The ToolPost are trading styles of Peter Hemsley.  Whilst reasonable efforts are made to ensure the accuracy of information presented, no liability can be accepted for errors in this information nor for contingencies arising therefrom.  If you are inexperienced in any aspect of woodworking, we would strongly counsel that you take a course of formal instruction before commencing to practice