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The JSP PowerCap
Complete respiratory protection for woodworkers

We have said it many times before, but we will nonetheless say it again: you really can't underestimate the importance of a high standard of respiratory protection as a woodturner in the modern day. The laissez-faire, "it'll be fine" attitude of our ancestors just won't do when it comes to 21st century woodturning and woodworking, and if there's one product that really will provide you with incredible protection against the worst that the workshop can expose you to, it is the JSP PowerCap.

In an industry that is no longer dominated by the Racal Airlite Powered Respirator following its withdrawal by the manufacturers several years ago, the JSP PowerCap Active and Active IP have risen to become the respiratory protection products of choice for woodturners. The PowerCap Active is the latest version of the PowerCap, and boasts a repositioned battery that can be easily accessed for swift removal from the PowerCap and placement in the supplied charging dock.

Whereas the standard PowerCap Active features a flexible visor, which isn't likely to be an issue for such low-impact purposes as pigeon-keeping and stable work, if you are seeking a suitable alternative to a disposal mask when engaged in woodturning or power woodworking, some form of impact protection is imperative. This is where the PowerCap Active IP (IP=Impact Protection) proves its worth, thanks to its incorporation of bump cap protection and an impact faceshield meeting the relevant industrial safety standards.

Even the standard PowerCap Active, however, offers plenty of features of relevance to a wide range of users, this firm fitting, lightweight and ergonomically designed respirator being highly effective at shielding the user from dust and most airborne particulate pollutants. The cooling and comfortable filtered air that it supplies at a rate of 160 litres per minute ensures that there are no issues with breathing resistance or visor misting. 

Throw in such other perks as eye and face impact protection to EN166 1B and an easy-to-use charging dock, with each battery charge lasting for eight hours, and it becomes obvious why the PowerCap Active IP has attracted such strong acclaim among the UK's most demanding woodturners.

But we can't possibly finish without mentioning that we also subsidise the cost of the PowerCap here at The ToolPost - making us a much lower cost source than Screwfix, for instance! Indeed, whereas the RRP of the impact resistant version is 306, you can pick it up for just 240 from us. You certainly can't accuse us of not putting our money where our mouth is as far as workshop/woodworker safety are concerned. You'll also be pleased to note that, since it complies with the standard for safety headwear, the PowerCap does not attract VAT when sold within the EU - which gives it a great value boost when compared to competitors such as the Trend Airshield, which is non-compliant. Finally, a reason to thank the Chancellor and the VAT man!

Get in touch with The ToolPost today about the JSP PowerCap Active or Active IP, and you will see just how effective this renowned product is at protecting you while woodturning.


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