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Introducing The ToolPost's growing range of project parts

Anyone reasonably seasoned in woodturning knows that a wide range of elements are frequently needed to bring any given project to satisfactory completion - from the right chucks, accessories and lathes to sharpening systems, finishes, adhesives and more. Here at The ToolPost (, we can't be satisfied without stocking every one of these elements, and our expanding selection of project parts, encompassing pot-pourri lids, pen mechanisms, peppermills and more, is no exception.

By 'project parts', what we mean are items made from materials other than wood that enable the convenient completion of a project. Whilst it would be impossible for even a wood turning company of our scope to cater for every possible ambition that such parts can fulfil, we still offer plenty of items that are invaluable in the creation of attractive and practical homeware and giftware. Visitors to our Didcot showroom/shop can already find pen, pencil and ballpoint kits and giftware items such as pot-pourri lids in ceramic and moulded resin, candle sconces, cups and dishes (properly known as Bobèches), bottle stoppers and perfume applicators, as well as condiment mills that can be used with salt, pepper and various other granular spices.

Certainly, we are particularly proud of a generous selection of condiment mills for salt and pepper, with various kits combining spindle, mill and hardware. Although it is the grinding of peppercorns that condiment mills are generally known for in the UK, they can also grind pepper salt and various other spices. The use of such excessively corrosive materials as salt makes it especially important for a condiment mill to be very hardwearing and corrosion-resistant, which explains the incorporation of ceramic milling mechanisms with stainless fittings and spindles into our own mills. It means that you won't need to worry about how well they stand up to even the hardest seeds and corns.

We supply our condiment mills with an attractive, parallel-sided and chrome-plated retaining "nut" that also enables the wood turning enthusiasts who buy them to personalise their creation with a fancy wooden finial glued over the top nut, should they desire to do so. The only thing  not included in the listed kits is the timber. To complete their project, customers will therefore require a square blank, measuring two inches square and no less than an inch longer than the nominal spindle length.

However, in making peppermills, wood carving professionals and amateurs may still struggle to find a collection of drills matching the various required diameters. It's why CeraStar has developed a boxed set of drills containing every drill that they could require. The manufacture of these drills using steels to ASTM1060 and ASTM1050 specs leaves no worries about quality, which we know will make a nice change to many who have shopped for such sets before!

Also featuring in our project parts range – though temporarily unavailable for online purchase at the time of typing - is a series of clock and watch inserts, further demonstrating the worth of The ToolPost ( to all with an interest in woodturning.

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