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A New Year resolution - visit our Didcot shop/showroom?

Now, we know what you're thinking: The ToolPost may be a fine source of woodturning tools and materials, but we are very far from the first place to which you would turn for holiday advice! However, with there being relatively few high-profile 'pilgrimages' for any professional or amateur woodturner to embark on - and woodturning being a necessarily highly isolated practice at times - we thought we would suggest that you join us at some point this year in leafy Oxfordshire.

Here at The ToolPost, we are always mindful that as happy as we and our customers are to represent the vanguard of 21st century online shopping for woodturning products (well, sort of!), we still feel in many ways that we are a local company at heart. After all, The ToolPost has existed since the late 1990s, when online shopping was only just getting underway as something that you and I would do. Plus, there is the simple fact that many people who shop with us love to be able to put faces to The ToolPost's name, while feeling and observing, first-hand, the products that they buy.

We have extensive information on our wider website on how to find our showroom/store, where you will also see the option to undertake a 3D 'virtual tour' of the shop's layout. You will find our premises at Unit 7, Hawksworth, Southmead Industrial Park in the quiet town and civil parish of Didcot, and indeed, you may wish to combine your visit with a bit of unrelated sightseeing! With many of our online customers hailing from not just other areas of the UK, but a wide variety of far-flung locations, it can be a revelation for them to discover our beautiful and historic locality.

Didcot may not exactly be the most obvious holiday or road trip destination, but it has no shortage of its own charm, thanks to such attractions as Didcot Railway Centre and the modern art installation, 'The Swirl'. Yes, we are still trying to figure out what this thing means ourselves! For those who participate in the 'other' national recreation, retail consumption, Didcot also offers an excellent retail environment in the Orchard Centre. The Centre includes The Cornerstone, a  civic theatre boasting a wide range of productions, exhibitions and displays.Nor could you surely miss the opportunity to travel the 12 miles north to the gorgeous, world-renowned university city of Oxford, the City of The Whispering Spires, or even the 65 miles to London, our resplendent capital!  And, of course, we are very close to the beautiful Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Didcot may frequently hide its light under a bushel but it is far from short of attractions.

But you don't necessarily need to be a camera-wielding tourist to pay us an in-person visit during 2016. That's because, if the shopping trip doesn't suffice for you, it is in our Didcot shop/showroom where we also hold our annual Spring Open House and Autumn Open House events, this year set to welcome such woodturning luminaries as Tracy Owen, Mick Hanbury, Seamus Cassidy and Robert O'Connor as demonstrators.

Oh, and one more thing - please remind yourself of our opening dates and times before you do embark on the trip! We would hate for you to be disappointed if we happen to be closed when you turn up, and indeed would be eager to extend to you the warmest welcome.

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