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Never underestimate the importance of the right respiratory protection

Any conscientious modern-day wood turning enthusiast - whether amateur or professional - will recognise the need for a high standard of respiratory protection. It is extremely dangerous to presume that simply because our ancestors didn't have today's sophisticated equipment available to protect them from the harmful effects of dust, that they coped 'fine'.

After all, the actual risk of breathing in dust-laden air has risen a great deal in our 21st century age of power tools and other high speed woodworking methods - such as routing and  sanding, planing and sawing with power tools - that produce much greater amounts of airborne particles than was experienced by previous generations.

Thankfully, more and more woodturners are now recognising the genuine dangers involved. Many now realise how even older-style chip extractors can increase the risks if they are located in the workshop and vent their air back into the working environment. This could expose those working nearby to the sub-micron size particles that are so directly linked to respiratory allergies, infections, irritations and cancers.

This is why we are so proud, here at The ToolPost, to be able to offer both personal dust masks and powered respirators of the very highest quality, and from some of the leading manufacturers. Our primary product in this category is the JSP PowerCap Active IP, which is the latest incarnation of the renowned PowerCap line of respirators which delivers so much more in terms of ease and economy of operation as well as significantly enhancing reliability over previous versions such as the (superseded) JSP PowerCap IP with its cumbersome belt-mounted batteries.

Indeed, although the current Active's filters and visor are identical to those used previously the new model introduced an easily removable outer cover, which can be machine-laundered for hygiene. The battery, now being a Lithium Ion technology, has also been repackaged and repositioned on the Active, enabling easy access for its removal and placement in the supplied 'dock' for charging.

Other advantages of the JSP PowerCap Active IP over the competition include its exceptional balance, coupled with a high impact protection (IP) visor to EN166 and a low head weight of 440g - not to mention its sheer affordability. It is joined in The ToolPost's highly-rated respirator line by the Trend Airshield Pro that improves on its predecessor with a significantly extended battery life, lighter weight and enhanced filtering capacity.

Finally, we also stock the 3M - P2 Respirator/Dust Mask for those seeking an economical, albeit more passive means of protection from the customary woodworking hazards. Not only is it not as fatiguing to wear as a 'conventional' fabric-filter type mask, but it is also a cost-effective workshop standby for visitors, students and trainees or other-short-term, low-exposure, uses.

Shield yourself from the very real dangers of airborne dust particles on your next wood turning assignment, with The ToolPost's well-regarded respiratory protection products. 

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