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Seminar: The Use of Powered Respiratory Equipment in Recreational Woodturning

As much as we all adore the challenging, stimulating and rewarding craft of woodturning here at The ToolPost, we are also more than aware of its very real dangers including those of the dust-laden air that has been all too frequently associated with respiratory disease.

It goes without saying that we don't want any customers of The ToolPost to ever suffer from ill health as a result of their practice of woodturning, but what can be done about it?

Well, we feel that we have gone much further than most in recently making available in our store the JSP PowerCap powered respirator, which offers an excellent combination of good value and a decent level of protection for most of the woodturning activities in which you may partake. Of, course, we also stock other makes and models of respiratory equipment to suit a range of pockets and risk levels.

Now, join us to learn more about how to stay safe

As if the above doesn't demonstrate enough just how much we care about helping you to safeguard your health as a woodturner, in light of the recent extensive social media discussion of the PowerCap, we have decided to hold a seminar to hopefully enlighten the recreational woodturning community about respiratory protection as it applies to them.

Entitled The Use of Powered Respiratory Equipment in Recreational Woodturning, the seminar will be held at our showroom and shop in Didcot, Oxfordshire from 10am to 12noon on Saturday 25th November, and is free to attend.

We are holding this seminar with the aim of clarifying some of the misconceptions and misunderstandings that have sprung up about powered respirators and their use in woodturning for pleasure, including interpretation and understanding of the complex and sometimes contradictory directives of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

In the process, we hope to outline examples of best practice as it reasonably applies to recreational woodturners, so that all attendees can better understand the risks inherent in their craft and how the issues surrounding the subject of respiratory protection can be best negotiated.

It is to this end that we are delighted to be able to welcome Matthew Judson, Chair of the Education Committee of the International Society for Respiratory Protection to the seminar, so that he can share his expertise and insight into ideal and real-world working practices. He also just happens to be the Technical Director of JSP the company behind the PowerCap - and is hugely knowledgeable on this subject!

Confirm your attendance at this special event today

However, there is something else that it is very important for us to emphasise: attendance at this seminar is only available to those who have pre-registered to attend through the Eventbrite website.

So if you would like to attend, please click through to access the registration page and secure your free place at what promises to be an absolutely fascinating event for woodturners based both near and far afield from our Didcot base.

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