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Industry-leading Rolly Munro hollowing tools from the legend himself

Woodturning professionals and amateurs alike who shop with The ToolPost ( know just how much we care about bringing them the highest quality equipment. To the long and impressive list of manufacturers for whom we are distributors and stockists, and we can now very proudly add another name: the legendary Rolly Munro.

 If you're a self-respecting and knowledgeable woodturner, you'll certainly be familiar with the name Rolly Munro. The man himself is an old friend of The ToolPost, having provided several masterclasses and demonstrations for us in the past, giving British turners the rare opportunity to see work at close hand from this New Zealand native, who is regarded as the master of the hollow form. Indeed, of even greater significance to thousands of wood turning enthusiasts across the world is his hollowing system that bears his name, and which he originated, developed and now manufactures. If "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery", as is so often quoted, then Rolly Munro must feel very flattered because many who would wish to follow in his footsteps have attempted to copy his design.  All have failed because no other manufacturer has the good fortune to combine Rolly's skills as an artistic woodturner with his ability as an engineer and his diligence in only ever being satisfied when perfection is achieved.

 Fast-forward to 2013, and his expertise is still proving of real value to the wider woodturning world, with the current range of Rolly Munro hollowing tools representing the culmination of some three decades of design experimentation. When you want to get the best possible results when hollowing wood, you choose this tool, the features of which include a robust and inexpensive 12mm circular cutting tip, teamed with a stainless steel depth gauge. The tool's articulated cutting head enables you to hollow around the corners and under the shoulders of hollow forms, while the aluminium handle offers a pleasingly tactile E.V.A. grip.

Even greater news is that The ToolPost are now the sole UK and Eire distributors of the entire range of Rolly Munro tools - which are also reduced in price, across the board. How great is that, in these straitened economic times, when you require a reasonably priced hollowing tool that also offers the ultimate in practicality, durability and longevity?

It means that you can enjoy using a wood turning tool with very hard wearing tool tips - another very good thing from an economic point of view - with a cutter of either high speed steel or tungsten carbide. The circular shape of the tip reduces the need for sharpening, boosting its longevity. Whenever you need to expose a sharp area of the tip, you can simply rotate it a few degrees, only needing to sharpen the tool once the entire circle has been dulled. The actual resharpening is easy, too, using the jig supplied with the tool.

There are so many more benefits to Rolly Munro hollowing tools, from the light weight and excellent support given by the hollow aluminium handle, to the fact that shavings vent upwards, enabling the visual monitoring of the cutting performance by the turner - perfect when very fine cuts need to be made. It all helps to make this tool the go-to one for such a wide range of amateurs and professionals in wood turning - and here at The ToolPost (, we couldn't be more pleased to be able to offer it directly to UK and Eire shoppers.

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