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The ToolPost: Sole UK Stockist of Shellawax Wood Finishing Polishes and Dyes

The ToolPost is proud to be the first and sole UK distributor of U-Beaut's Shellawax finishing products; wood finishing polishes that produce superb results in no time at all. and the ToolPost shop in Didcot, Oxfordshire are the only places in the United Kingdom where you can get hold of this Australian brand of finishing products that is fast becoming a must-have for woodturning aficionados.

The ToolPost understands the importance of a great wood finishing wax or polish to elevate your woodturning or woodcarving project from the satisfactory to the superlative. That's why when the company trialled the Australian U-Beaut range of waxes, polishes, finishes and dyes it knew it had found something special: a range that delivered great results in a quick and no-nonsense way while still being surprisingly economical.

Take, for instance, the highly recommended EEE Ultrashine abrasive polish and surface preparation: a cut and polish paste wax that is designed to be used in conjunction with the Shellawax cream or liquid but that can also be used on its own on plastics and products used for pen bodies. It is also perfect for using after French polishing and to restore previously polished surfaces. While the EEE Ultrashine is not a finisher itself the polished surface requires a protectorant such as Shellawax when the two products are used together the results are highly impressive. The ultra-fine abrasive polish which contains Tripoli powder can be used over multiple other oil and varnish finishes, resulting in a quality of finish that is superbly lustrous and impeccably smooth; all for under 10!

Then there's Shellawax itself: a woodturners friction polish that brings an amazing level of finish to smaller spindle work on objects up to approximately 10cm (4") in diameter. The wax has a hard shellac base which not only gives a highly durable finish (continuing to harden for up to three weeks after application) but that also helps protect against marks and blemishes from heat, water and alcohol. In one quick-drying application, the woodturner achieves wood finishing that is hard to beat with any other product available in the market today.

To see the full range of U-Beaut's Shellawax wood finishes and dyes, as well as a host of other wood turning tools, visit

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