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ToolPost creates SM250 Carbide Burr for Stuart Mortimer

Regular shoppers at The ToolPost, or even just many of you who drop in at our Didcot showroom/shop from time to time, will know that we take great pride in working alongside some of the undoubted woodturning great and good to help our customers become better woodturners themselves. Such help may take the form of our highly rated events and demonstrations like the Spring and Autumn Open Houses, but it can also result in new and interesting products.

One such product that you'll only find at The ToolPost is the special Saburr carbide cutting tool that we have created with Stuart Mortimer. He is a man who requires little introduction among the many woodturners across the United Kingdom and the world who have long admired his elegant hollow forms, twisted goblets, vases and Mortimer eggs. Indeed, the Hampshire resident and retired Police Inspector produced his first twisted goblet in 1969, and his creations have since become synonymous with almost every kind of spiral form.

It is that very spiral form that is aspired to by many up-and-coming woodturners, and Stuart has long worked hard himself to encourage young people into the woodturning craft, including through the private woodturning group that he formed in 1992. But it has also inspired his recent collaboration with The ToolPost, resulting in our new tool that is specifically designed to simplify and speed up the cutting through of a hollow form to create the bines of a spiral form. It's called the SM250 cutting disc, and we couldn't be more delighted to announce that production quantities are now in stock.

This cutting disc has benefitted from extensive product testing by Stuart himself. The "bines" that form the structural part of a spiral work are created by cutting through into a vessel's hollow core. The timber is gradually reduced in bulk and its shape developed to create the spiral elements. An angle grinder is the best tool for easily cutting through the vessel, with compact devices like the mini Arbortech or the Proxxon LWS - also available from The ToolPost - being most strongly recommended.

However, this task is only made even easier by our new bine cutting disc developed with Mortimer, created to his specification. It also facilitates the subsequent shaping and refinement of the bines, making it a wise investment for any woodturner aiming to produce spiral forms on a par with those of the great man.

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