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The sharpening and grinding of your tools is key to effective woodturning

For seasoned experts and the woodturning amateur alike, maintaining their valued tools is essential. Although there are various products on the market offered as aids to the sharpening and grinding of tools, there are very few that offer the durability and flexibility required to work with your entire roster of turning tools, to provide the consistent sharpening you need.

Failure to maintain blades and equipment can leave a poor finish on your turnings, or even worse, lead to permanent damage to your tools, a costly and painful mistake! Therefore, it is essential that you select the right sharpening and grinding systems for your woodturning tools.

The sharpening tools we would recommend

Here at The ToolPost, we stock a broad range of grinding and sharpening tools that we have hand-selected to our exacting standards of quality and durability. For example, we stock the Tormek Water Cooled Sharpening System, which is a wetstone system designed and manufactured in Sweden. It is an unrivalled go-to choice for woodworkers who want to work on a variety of projects because of its wide range jigs, which accommodates virtually any tool type.

The Oneway Wolverine Sharpening Jig is another system, greatly favoured in our own workshop and used by many of the world's expert woodturners. This is one of the most important items that we stock here at The ToolPost. This superbly designed and manufactured jigging system can be configured to sharpen almost any turning tool. The Oneway range also includes products to balance grinding wheels and grind bench chisels. It also boasts an enviable ability to create sophisticated shapes such as the Celtic grind, with ease and repeatability, making it the perfect  choice for any woodturning enthusiast.

Additional tools to care for your woodturning equipment

Here at The ToolPost, we also supply our customers with other sharpening jigs and grinding jigs and various aids to make woodworking easier. This collection includes the Fingernail Profiling Jig by Robert Sorby, which grinds fingernail profiles easily and efficiently, and the Hamlet Profile Pro tool grind samples, which serve as an invaluable aid to those wanting to perfect their grinding of the more complex shapes such as a Celtic bowl gouge.

As well as the extensive collection of sharpening tools available to purchase on our website, our grinding guide wall charts offer even the most advanced woodturners tips on how to improve their sharpening skills. These charts were developed by Mick O'Donnell, the man famous for 'inventing' the O'Donnell grind, as well as the excellent 'ruby' grinding wheels that bear nis name, so you can trust that his expertise in the industry is carried forward into the workshop guidance materials we provide.

The sharpening and grinding equipment made available to you through The ToolPost were designed with longevity and durability in mind. For a full list of these products or to make a purchase, we recommend that you visit our sharpening and grinding page or call into our Didcot showroom to experience our quality products and expert customer service for yourself.

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