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Sorby's miniature carving tools are perfect for intricate woodcarving

Woodcarving can be a delicate and difficult job at the best of times, especially if you're dealing with a high workload and tight deadlines. However, here at The ToolPost, we understand that no two woodcarving jobs are completely the same.

You might have a well-stocked workshop that is full of tools for the bigger jobs, but what will you do when you need to undertake smaller, more intricate jobs? When precision is required, it would be a safe bet to invest in Sorby's range of high-quality carving tools.

Sorby miniature carving sets are ergonomically designed

Sorby produces a wide range of carving tools, including some of the best miniature carving tools on the market. We are proud to stock two different sets of these fine carving tool here at The ToolPost. Each set includes 12 tools but the two sets differ in their packaging style.

One set comes in a card display box, and the other comes in a wooden box. The wooden box will provide greater protection and visual appeal to your woodcarving tools, but much obviously depends on the budget that you have for such a major purchase. 

Each tool is fitted with a solid, high-quality palm-style handle that is sure to fit perfectly in your hand, significantly reducing the pain and discomfort that you may feel as you work. Each handle is also reinforced by brass ferrules to enhance the longevity of your new woodcarving tools.

Sorby's tools are perfect for introducing children to woodcarving

One of the main reasons for our love of Sorby's miniature tools is their versatility. Not only does their compact size give you more control when carrying out your own smaller and more intricate projects, such as netsuke carving, but it also allows children to take their first steps into woodcarving.

These tools feature smaller blade profile, the cutting edges of which which are easier to push through the timber. Furthermore, their compact handles are more manageable for smaller hands. As you will soon find out, virtually anyone is able to reap the benefits of Sorby's miniature carving tools, which makes them exceptional value for money.

If you would like to take a closer look at our Sorby range, please feel free to browse our website.  However, if you would prefer to view the range in person and receive some expert advice at the same time, why not call into our Didcot showroom and shop?

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