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Create Demountable Workholding Devices with Beall Spindle Taps from The ToolPost

If you have ever wondered how to create a jam chuck, jig, faceplate or other workholding device without also having to wonder how you are going to mount it onto the lathe, then the Beall spindle taps, now available from retailer and distributer of woodturning tools The ToolPost at, provide the perfect answer.

By simply taking a suitable block of fine-grained timber, pre-drilling a pilot hole and then using one of the precision spindle taps, it is possible to mount the timber block directly on the lathe spindle, securely, using the spindle thread itself just as you would mount a faceplate or chuck.  Once mounted on the spindle, the block can be turned into what ever shape is required to suit the workpiece and, being threaded to match the lathe spindle, the jig you create can be removed and re-fitted to the spindle as often as the job requires.  In this way you can build up a complete 'library' of useful jam chucks, jigs and fixtures to increase your turning versatility, speeding and easing your workflow.  Because the device is mounted on the spindle thread directly, concentricity and repeatability are assured for use time after time: gone is the frustration of trying to re-mount a block in a chuck whilst maintaining perfect alignment!

Best results are obtained using fine-grained timbers such as boxwood, sycamore, maple etc., and superior long-term performance can be had by laminating, say, three layers of timber to create a very stable workpiece.  A pilot hole is drilled, approximately 1/8" (3 mm) smaller than the nominal diameter of the tap.  The tap is entered into the pre-drilled hole and rotated with the supporting tailstock advanced simultaneously to maintain centring.  The workpiece may now be released from the woodturning chuck and screwed directly onto the spindle ready for turning into the desired shape and size.  Simplicity itself.  A secure mounting, exactly concentric with the spindle of the woodturning lathe, precisely sized and shaped to suit your project - and at very little cost.  The taps are available to suit popular spindle sizes and cost from just 15.82 (inc VAT @ 17%).  Another superb piece of lateral thinking from Jerry Beall, brought to you by The ToolPost.

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