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For Starbond CA adhesives in the UK or Ireland, turn to The ToolPost

When you are involved in any form of woodturning, whether amateur or professional, there's always a need for the right wood glues. As you would expect here at The ToolPost, we certainly have a formidable range of specialised adhesives for even the most demanding turners, but we are especially proud lately of having become the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor of the adhesives of the acclaimed USA Starbond brand.

Starbond is highly regarded for its range of CA glues, or cyanoacrylates -  superglues, to you and me. Pretty much every conceivable need is catered for by these extremely high quality, Japan-sourced glues. That reputation hasn't come about by accident - it has arisen from an exceptional level of attention to detail that has even led the company to provide micro-applicators, enabling the precise dripping of glue on those especially fine woodworking pieces. Bulk bottles of the glue are also available, enabling economies of scale to be enjoyed by heavier users.

Whichever glue you choose from our extensive Starbond range, you can be assured that it is non-toxic, non-flammable and waterproof, in addition to boasting a guaranteed 20 month shelf life. For those in need of a superglue delivering the best possible performance, quality and shelf life, Starbond has therefore long been the go-to option, these qualities largely achieved by the triple-distillation process that the glue undergoes in its production. Then, there's simply the fact that Starbond is so economical compared to the alternatives.

You'll notice from our range shown online that we offer Starbond CA adhesives in an impressive selection of viscosities ("runniness") - from the thinnest variety that is best for the penetration and stabilization of soft and "punky" timber, to the thickest grade that makes a great solution for gap filling. In-between these two extremes, you'll find Medium Thin glues that many customers choose for pen finishing, as well as the Medium Thick variety that is a good choice for using in poorly-fitted joints. The Medium option, meanwhile, makes the perfect general purpose adhesive.

The extra cap and fine feed extension tips that accompany our 50 gm bottles of Starbond CA allow you to avoid such traditional problems as glued-on caps and the splashing of big glue droplets into your workpiece where a delicate joint is required. Opt for the 450 ml size, meanwhile, and you will receive what is effectively a bulk supply kit, complete with three 50 gm bottles, caps and extension tips - which can also be purchased separately from us.

If you're a wood turning enthusiast living in the UK or Ireland and require nothing less than the best CA adhesive, Starbond and The ToolPost are the only two names that you need to know.


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