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Good woodturners constantly turn to our grinding wheels and wallcharts

If there's one thing that an experienced woodturner needs to make his or her projects a success, aside from the timber itself, it is effectively sharpened woodturning tools. Mick O'Donnell's sharpening systems enjoyed great popularity among our loyal customers here at The ToolPost, although they can sadly no longer be purchased. However, professionals and amateurs alike can still buy both grinding wheels and wallcharts developed by Mick to take much of the stress out of the sharpening of their turning tools.

Sure enough, we have great selections of both right here at The ToolPost, whether you are seeking "Ruby" aluminium oxide grinding wheels or the most insightful "How To Sharpen" wallcharts. Indeed, we offer three broad categories of grinding wheels for high speed grinders: Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN), Aluminium Oxide "Ruby" wheels and Blue Ceramic, the latter similar to "SC" wheel technology.

CBN itself is a ceramic grain that is almost as hard as diamond but that is effective for the sharpening of High Speed Steel, the material from which turning tools are generally made. Although diamond has been experimented with as a material to grind tools on, it is very detrimental when used as an abrasive grain for the grinding of tools on a high speed dry wheel and is therefore never used by wise turners in such an application.

CBN grinding wheels are different, and can last almost indefinitely if looked after properly. They are available from us in a choice of grit grades, including Extra-Fine, Standard and Coarse. However, we also stock what could only be described as the ultimate Aluminium Oxide grinding wheel - the O'Donnell "Ruby" wheel, its increased sharpness than the grey, white or pink aluminium wheel alternatives allowing it to keep its shape more effectively than any of them yet available at very affordable prices in sizes to suit a wide range of grinders.

Wait - did we suggest that the "Ruby" wheel was the ultimate? One might need to rethink that opinion on encountering another of O'Donnell's acclaimed creations, the Blue Ceramic grinding wheel. Aside from its pale blue colour, this wheel cuts even faster than the "Ruby" while also producing less heat, due to its micro-grain grit structure and the grit bonding characteristics. It is a more specialised wheel that is best-suited to the workshops of more competent turners who are comfortable with its high rate of material removal.

Finally, we can't fail to mention the set of three highly informative, fully-encapsulated wallcharts that we also stock. These are laminated, practical 'works of reference', telling you what bevel angle to grind on a specific woodturning tool, or how the grind can be modified for better performance. They're the perfect documents to keep handy to help you keep your tools sharp and in optimum condition.

For both grinding wheels and wallcharts, there is simply no superior online woodturning store than The ToolPost.

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