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This is the location where we provide you with insights into the operation and objectives of The ToolPost.  A chance to air our views, maybe sometimes sound off a bit, or simply pass on what we hope is useful advice.

The following articles are currently available for review.  Material from the site may be used in a responsible manner elsewhere, subject to acknowledgement of source(s).

To access the required article, simply click on the link within the relevant summary, below:-

  • To start 2018 with a bang, we are pelased to announce that we have reduced the prices of our range of Zebrano lathes from WivaMac with immediate effect.
  • Ambient air filtration is important in creating and mainaining a safe working environment. Thor filtration ambient filters are now available in a wide for formats to suit all applications.
  • Getting a good finish inside bowls, off the tool, can be a problem: here are a few helpful tips you might want to try.
  • Many folk struggle with drilling through the centre of square stock such as pen blanks. Here is a quick, simple, foolproof method for you to try.
  • Because we believe that recreational woodturners should understand the risks implicit in their pastime and we know that misinformation abounds, we have organised a seminar on Powered Respiratory devices to take place here in Didcot on 25 Nov 2017.
  • Respirator safety is a matter of genuinely vital consideration for all woodworking and especially woodturning enthusiasts. Unfortunately, this is a complex subject and much confusion abounds. Here's some clarification.
  • I find it difficult to believe but we've now been servicing the UK woodturning and carving scene for twenty years. Having reached the ripe old age of 20 years seemed to be good cause for celebration. Few folk had even heard of the internet when we started out as an on-line retailer all those years ago. So now we are celebrating our coming of age with a Great Prize Draw - and it's free to enter!
  • When Microclene filters and media became in short supply twelve months ago we, along with many users, started to despair of ever being able to work with these machines again. Happily equivalent ambient air filters and media are now in production again through Thor Filtration and both machines and media are now back in stock at The ToolPost.
  • We are now offering  the 'Decorating Elf' from Henry Taylor. as part of a super-value bundle, enabling any turner to experience the delight of using this neat and effective texturing tool, ideal for use on boxes, bowl rims, platters and even pens.
  • Woodcarving can be a delicate and difficult job at the best of times. Miniature carving tools can make detail work a whole lot easier.
  • Given the exhaustive range of high-quality woodturning tools and accessories available from The ToolPost, it can be difficult to know the best items to choose. When selecting a lathe , our advice will guide you to an appropriate specification.
  • Woodturners are aware of the great importance of using the highest quality wood for producing the best possible projects: that's the sort of timber supplied by The ToolPost.
  • A good lathe serves as the foundation for successful woodturning but a little preventive maintenance and TLC can help protect your investment.
  • As many of our more established customers here at The ToolPost will know, each spring and autumn, we proudly host our 'Open House' every November
  • For woodworkers across the UK and indeed the world, finding suitable clamps to correctly hold their project parts when working can be a challenge.
  • Although there are various products on the market offered as aids to the sharpening and grinding of tools, there are very few that offer the durability and flexibility required to work with your entire roster of turning tools.
  • The ToolPost is world-renowned as a supplier of high quality tools and equipment. It is therfore no surprise that we have been sought out to be the distributor of Killinger Lathes and Machinery in the UK.
  • Irish woodturner Liam Flynn has spent decades bringing great woodturning to people around the globe. Here we reflect on his contribution to wood turning.
  • Woodworking brings many people together to celebrate their craft. Here are a couple of examples of how that celebration can turn into creative co-operation.
  • June may herald the celebration of the monarch's ninetieth birthday but we - and most woodturners - will be sparing more of our thoughts for the Spring Open House, here at The ToolPost.
  • One of the wonders of Aladdin's Cave this year has been the presentation of a ToolPost cheque to East Anglia Children's Hospices, as a result of the generosity of Dave Wollard in our Christmas photo competition.
  • The launch of The ToolPost's ProDesign woodturner's smock took the woodturning world by storm. Now that garment is joined by the ProDesign apron range designed to bring the same attanetion to detail and quality to the world of the bench woodworker.
  • Woodturning courses at The ToolPost take place under the careful tutelage of Steve Giles. We thought that a few notes on Steves 'CV' would not go amiss.
  • From atomic research to whirling wood - that has been the progression of Richard Shock as he moved from a life as a chemical engineer and took up the challenge of professional woodturning.
  • The Army and Art may appear to be strange bedfellows but that is the trajectory of the career of Oxfordshire wood artist Andy Harrison.
  • Didcot : a holiday destination with a difference - and a purpose?.
  • It's not too often that you see woodturning career success stories or people's love of woodturning discussed in the press; Dave Beatt recently provided one such story.
  • We're always delighted to hear stories of people who have taken up woodturning and made it their life's passion - especially when it's someone from Oxfordshire!
  • Christmas is over and works now fills the calendar again. Don't despair: you can chase away January blues with New Year shopping at The ToolPost!
  • We have reported previously here at The ToolPost on some of the wonderful work of Blind Veterans UK, but here is another tale of the efforts made by these courageous heroes to improve the lives of others.
  • In introducing the ToolPost ProDesign woodturner's smock we have certainly brought our considerable experience and know-how to bear on our latest branded product.
  • We know that it isn't always easy to choose the right gift, which is where gift vouchers have historically come in handy.
  • Beginner woodturners  might be astounded by any suggestion that they should start getting into the Yuletide mood so soon, but it's never too early to think about the Christmas present list!
  • Keepiing customers alive might be the cynics way of seeing our contribution to workshop safety by offering the JSP PowerCap respirator at rock bottom prices. We simply believe that taking care of the respiratory system is good practice that we would like to encourage. Don't fool yourself: we're all vulnerable.
  • If it Autumn, then it must be the ToolPost Autumn Open House. The UK's best show dedicated to woodturning and woodcarving takes place again on November 7th & 8th in our Didcot showrooms. Miss it at your peril!
  • Founding AWGB member and current President, Ray Key has been honoured in the Queen's Birthday Homours list.
  • Zoo-keepers in Paignton, Devon have recruited keen woodturners to help our avian friends keep the eggs coming!
  • The AWGB 2015 International Woodturning Seminar will be held at Loughborough University in July with an impressive lineup of International and UK demonstrators.
  • When Carter & Son Toolworks first introduced us to their range of M42 tools we were impressed, when the new tools started to land on our bench we were astounded - read why we are excited by the new releases from this energetic young company.
  • Germany seems to inspire makers of natural finishing products. We love the range that is now available from Drechseln and Mehr, through The ToolPost.
  • Many people enjoy their participation in the wood crafts despite having to overcome considerable challenges to do so. One such is Bill Mooney, a visually impaired woodturner of considerable skill, who learnt the craft from teacher Andrew Hall, with support from the charity Blind Veterans UK.
  • It is not often that woodworking makes it into the news - especially on the old gogglebox.  It was delight therefore to hear of the documentary made round woodturner Steven Kennard.
  • With Dutch turner Ronald Kanne and austria's Manfred Gangl on hand, the Open House at The ToolPost on June 6th & 7th looks to be a real cracker! Don't miss all of the fun of our upcoming Spring Open House.
  • You might expect us here at The ToolPost to heartily welcome anything that encourages new people into woodturning, and you'd be quite right - especially because, as is the case with so many other crafts, one can only become even better at the practice when they start young.
  • Germany has long been the purveyor of some of the very best woodturning products and equipment, and as the hobbies of woodturning and carving have grown in the market so locally-sourced finishes for both woodturning and wood carving projects have become available.
  • If there's one thing that an experienced woodturner needs to make his or her projects a success, aside from the timber itself, it is effectively sharpened woodturning tools.
  • For Starbond CA adhesives in the UK or Ireland, turn to The ToolPost, who have recently been appointed as the sole distributor of these fine Japanese products.
  • A recent BBC documentary broadcast shows how woodturning thrives even behind prison bars , giving prisoners a rehabilitation opportunity and providing support to a local small manufacturing business.
  • The wood turning groups doing great things in the run-up to Christmas don't only help their members but also support charities in their local communities..
  • Proving that we hold no prejudice against home-grown turners at our Open House events, this years Autumn bash featured both Stuart Mortimer and Andrew Hall.
  • There are not many tools of which a pro would say "after three days use it was still the sharpest tool I've ever used", yet that's what one well-seasoned expert recently concluded when he tried out the super M42 gouges from Carter & Son Toolworks.
  • The use of a high quality powered respirator is the minimum that any woodturner should consider for his/her own protection.
  • Eyes and Ears: vital organs for our interaction with our world but often mis-treated - used and abused - by woodworkers. Don't wait until the damage is done: think today.
  • Last Bank Holiday, an event took place that captured the attention and imagination of many a woodturning enthusiast. That event was the National Forest Wood Fair 2014.
  • One product that you'll only find at The ToolPost is the special SM250 Saburr carbide cutting tool that we have created with Stuart Mortimer, a man who requires little introduction to those who admire his elegant hollow forms, twisted goblets, vases and Mortimer eggs.
  • Every now and then here at The ToolPost, we cast our eyes to events that may be extremely far-flung from our showroom in Didcot, Oxfordshire. On this occasion, we're crossing the Atlantic, to the 26th annual Eastern Woodland Carving Show in the American state of Indiana.
  • In keeping with The ToolPost's reputation for introducing rare talent of the highest order to the UK public, the Spring 2014 Open House event featured demos by the esteemed turners Peter Hromek, Seamus Cassidy and Robert O'Connor, as well as woodcarver Simon Clements and pyrographer Bert Butterfield.
  • There aren't too many parts of the world where wood could survive for such a long period of time without being cared for especially well, but one rare example is Egypt.
  • If you find yourself in east Beijing any time soon, be sure to check out the amazing museum there dedicated to the most luxurious form of wood carving of all: red sandalwood at The China Red Sandalwood Museum.
  • You don't want to rub anyone up the wrong way, but an understanding of abrasives is essential to the woodturner.
  • DVDs provide an easy learning reference but can also be a source of viewing pleasure to the keen woodturner.
  • The ToolPost stocks a wide range of woodturning books, both instructional and reference.
  • A bonanza of timber, a sign of the recent stormy weather, may herald a great harvest for woodturners - but a degree of caution needs to be exercised whent using "found timber".
  • A recent event at the Botanic Garden of Wales served to showcase woodworking activities and skills such as turning and carving to a large and enhusiastic audience.
  • Whilst turning over all of your other new leaves, maybe the New Year is a good time to take stock of your tool collection and consider acquiring those tools that you always promised yourself - but never quite got around to buying.
  • Here's an uplifting little story from the US which shows how very therapeutic a craft such as carving can be.
  • Parting and Beading tools are an essential part of the woodturner's armoury: the ToolPost boasts a wide range of these versatile tools.
  • The ToolPost stocks a growing range of project parts for incorporation into woodturning projects.
  • The Annual Ulster Woodturning and Art Fair in County Antrim brings the best of the province's wood artists to the fore.
  • Whilst most of our floorspace is devoted to tools and associated products, we still stock many hundreds of timber blanks for woodturning and carving.
  • Know to so many of our visitors as "The Aladdin's Cave for Woodturners", our shop in Didcot is the hub of our worldwide tool supply operation.
  • We're proud to announce our recent appointment as the UK and Eire distributors for the VB36 and Steinert lathes, hot on the heels of our confirmation in a similar role for the Rolly Munro line of high performance hollowing tools.
  • A 6,000-year-old decorative wood carving has recently been unearthed on a mountainside in Wales.  Read where and how in this fascinating snippet.
  • We know that you put significant effort into finishing your workpieces and take great and justifiable pride in the results.
  • Newcomers to woodturning may appreciate a quick summary of some of the major events in the history of woodturning, in so far as that is possible.
  • It is not often that we speak here of Carving & Whittling: this article, explaining some of the background to these crafts makes up for that omission.
  • We record with sadness, the recent death of Dale Nish, one of the founding fathers of modern woodturning.
  • Representing major brands in woodturning and wood carving from around the world is one of the features of The ToolPost.
  • The ToolPost not only supplies tools and equipment for woodturners and carvers but also the essential materials - be that timber, plastics or specialised materials.
  • With the release of its new CompacTool set of turning tools, The ToolPost becomes the first tool supplier, to recognise the particular needs of those who work on small lathes.
  • The ToolPost is now a leading online source of woodturning equipment but here its history is traced to its establishment as a humble webshop by owner, Peter Hemsley.
  • On the principle that you can't have too much of a good thing, we thought that a little more info about our up-coming Masterclasses with Jimmy Clewes might be helpful.
  • If you have a significant other who practices in this under-appreciated art, then you may be interested in the latest Valentine's Day gift ideas from The ToolPost.
  • The ToolPost goes a long way to assisting turners and carvers with the development of their skills  but it's rare that one gets the opportunity to learn from a true master.
  • New Year brings New Resolutions - and woodturners are no exceptions.  We thought we'd like to share some thoughts with you on the subject.
  • With Christmas close upon us, the giving of gifts becomes uppermost in the thoughts of many.  Here are a few woodworker's gift ideas to get the juices flowing!
  • Selecting a new lathe is always a little fraught so let us help with this resume of five good reasons for checking out the WivaMac range of superior woodturning lathes.
  • The Autumn Open House at The ToolPost will present a further cornucopia of delights with master turners Chris Eagles, Heinz Wiedemann showing the way.
  • In the latest of events there will be opportunities for turners to meet the creative minds behind some of the best regarded tools, in the 'Meet the Maker' series.
  • The ToolPost is passionate about health and safety in the workshop.
  • With more different woodturning tools on display than any other store, the ToolPost is truly a One Stop Shop for turning and carving enthusiasts and professionals alike.
  • Tools and machinery may be one side of the equation, but every workshop needs accessories .  The ToolPost features a huge selection from which to choose.
  • Users of the Sorby Pro Edge belt sharpening system will be pleased with the new range of  abrasive belts for the system now available from The ToolPost.
  • Selection of a lathe is a critical part of assembling the tools and equipment for woodturning.  The ToolPost can help you in the selection of your next lathe.
  • "To finish first, you must first finish" is an epithet equally as true in woodworking as in athletics.  General Finishes, from the USA are truly among the first in finishes.
  • In calling our company The ToolPost we were recognising the importance of this piece of equipment - the toolpost - in enabling the turner to work successfully at the lathe.
  • The ToolPost is a specialist retailer - and stocks more different woodturning tools than any other shop here or abroad - and ships them all around the world.
  • One particular hazard that is often ignored is that of ambient dust - a problem addressed by the range of Microclene ambient air filters.
  • Glenn Lucas proves himself to be not only a Master Woodturner, but also a master creator of instructional DVDs for woodturners.
  • Kelton Tools of New Zealand have recently released a truly versatile heavy duty scraper  called the Multi-Axis Scraper.
  • The latest addition to The ToolPost's range of CBN grinding wheels is a 40 mm wide version to suit eight inch wheel high speed grinders for sharpening woodturning tools.
  • The ToolPost Spring Open House 2012 will feature demonstrators from home and abroad, including Gerry Marlow, Philippe Bourgeat and Heinz Wiedemann.
  • It can be difficult to find the right gifts for all the family over the festive period and some people just seem to have everything.
  • This January why not make a New Year's resolution that is easy to stick to and enables you to better enjoy woodworking?
  • ToolPost has led the movement to persuade woodturners to be more aware of the dangers and to use proper respiratory protection equipment.
  • The ToolPost has become synonomous with quality woodturning lathes, thank in no small part to the excellence of the WivaMac range of lathes.
  • The recent changes in VOC regulations are affecting woodworkers at all levels with new types of finishing products being required to avoid breaking the law.
  • The ToolPost is renowned as a supplier of premium tools for woodturning, wood carving and fine woodworking.  A "one-stop-shop" for woodturners indeed!
  • Rolly Munro will be at The ToolPost on September 2nd & 3rd to give free woodturning demos .
  • Abranet is an abrasive mesh product which was originally designed for refinishing motor body filler but which has now found favour in both the woodcarving and woodturning community.  The ToolPost stocks this product in a wide variety of grit grades.
  • Tool sharpening is a critical skill for all woodworkers.  At The ToolPost we keep an unparalleled selection of sharpening tools suitable for all disciplines.
  • June 3rd and 4th saw the first of The ToolPost's 2011 Open House events.   The 'star turns' at the Spring Open House were Nick Agar and, from France, Benoit Averly.
  • The key to successful woodturning is a quality woodturning lathe one which has been chosen specifically to suit the requirements of the individual turner.
  • Simon Clements is a regular guest tutor at The ToolPost in Didcot, Oxfordshire and the 9th April 2011 will see him lead a hands-on workshop: Sharpening Carving Tools.
  • The latest introduction from Henry Taylor Tools is The Decorating Elf, an amazingly versatile and easy-to-use decorating tool.
  • Health & Safety is often a contentious issue when it apparently forces the closure of village fetes and stops kids playing with conkers.
  • In February 2011 Glenn Lucas will be giving two one-day masterclasses at the  ToolPost.
  • 'Mastering Woodturning Tools & Techniques', the New DVD from Glenn Lucas, is available now from The ToolPost.
  • The Fastest and Coolest-Cutting Grinding Wheels on the Market!  CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) wheels revolutionise tool sharpening.
  • WivaMac, the specialist manufacturers of carving machines in Begium produce a range of excellent carver's clamps, distributed in the UK by The ToolPost.
  • Beall Tools of the USA are supplying their sole appointed UK and European Distributor with spindle taps in a variety of thread forms.
  • Hunter hollowing tools, developed by carbide tip technology expert, Mike Hunter, have proven to be the most successful of their genre.
  • The ToolPost has helped woodturners to understand why it is that some abrasives and techniques produce better results than others.
  • The Cera-Star ceramic condiment mill mechanisms available from The ToolPost can form the basis of a useful and satisfying woodturning project.
  • The last weekend of June 2010 saw the latest of the perennially popular 'Open House' events from The ToolPost.
  • The extensive selection of power carving equipment available from The ToolPost online store includes the Saburr Carbide Rotary Tools .
  • Using Arbortech carving discs is a safer way to achieve success in the art of power carving.
  • It has often been difficult to find Olivewood in large dimensions in the UK. The ToolPost has an excellent range of top quality Olivewood..
  • The Beall Wood Buff is an easy way to take the next step to creating a perfect finish on your wood turned projects.
  • One of the woodworking calendar's "don't miss" events is The ToolPost Open House.  The Spring Open House was held on June 25th and 26th 2010.
  • ToolPost stocks a range of honing devices which simplify and speed the honing process.
  • The ToolPost are the UK and Ireland distributors for the Kelton (Kel McNaughton) range of advanced woodturning tools.
  • Dust hazards in the workshop are better understood today then ever before yet many woodworkers still ignore the risk.
  • ToolPost offer Masterclass with Woodturning Legend Rolly Munro, April 15th - 16th.
  • ToolPost agreement with Henry Taylor Tools results in lower prices for these premium woodturning tools.
  • Model T chuck from The ToolPost affords users of smaller lathes high functionality with low pricing.
  • CamVac dust extractors, distributed by The ToolPost, offer the finest dust filtration for use in home and small workshops.
  • ToolPost takes over as manufacturer of BCT tools.
  • Autumn Open House event announced by The ToolPost: "the best woodturning show south of Harrogate this autumn"!
  • Woodturning Made Easy with Les Thorne's 'No Turning Back' DVD at The ToolPost.
  • The Beall Pen Wizard reaches UK and European audience through The ToolPost.
  • U'Beaut select ToolPost as sole UK dealer for Shellawax wood finishing products.
  • ToolPost to provide lathes for demonstrator's use at AWGB International Woodturning Seminar .
  • Sam Maloof, Woodworker Extraordinaire: a tribute.
  • Think About It! - A personal reflection by Peter Hemsley on some of the attitudes observed amongst the tool buying and using fraternity, made with the tongue only ever so slightly in the cheek!
  • ToolPost appointed as OneWay distributor for UK.
  • Research indicates that wood is a safer material in contact with foodstuffs than currently recommended alternatives.  Information that has been known for some time but which seems to be frequently forgotten as new "scares" about the safety of - just about everything - are propounded by our nation's perpetual media-fest.  Sound information such as this, of importance to the public, should never want for a further hearing!
  • The ToolPost announces its annual Open House event in Didcot.  This event took place on 26th/27th June 2009.

1997-2011 P. Hemsley.  The information on this website is the copyright property of Peter Hemsley.  Coeur du Bois and The ToolPost are trading styles of Peter Hemsley.  Whilst reasonable efforts are made to ensure the accuracy of information presented, no liability can be accepted for errors in this information nor for contingencies arising therefrom.  If you are inexperienced in any aspect of woodworking, we would strongly counsel that you take a course of formal instruction before commencing to practice