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BCT Tools - The New Generation
including HolloMate, Versatool II & Supercut II

HolloMate BCT
Versatool BCT

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Since taking over the ownership and manufacturing of the BCT tools, The ToolPost has re-engineered the product line in order to increase the versatility of the range, eliminate redundancy for the user and create a tooling system, very competitively price, that anables the user to enjoy the benefits of the gamut of hollowing tools without needing to invest in multiple systems.

The elements of the range are shown in the above photo.  All of the tools - Hollomate, VersatoolII and SupercutII share the same shaft, lateral stabiliser and (optional) handle.  The Hollomate head (the lower head assembly in the picture) is complete in itself.  The alternate head - the upper one in the above picture - is shared between all versions of the SupercutII and the VersatoolII.  The various cutting tips, shown to the left of the head, are simply inserted into the head to convert from one type of cutting system to the others.

The following descriptions, for simplicity, describe the features of each tool version as a stand-alone tool, but please bear in mind that it is possible to convert any one of these tools to any other in the family, as shown in the list of accessories further down this page.

The dimensions of the tools are shown in the lower image, above.  Please note that although the photograph here shows the tool with a handle fitted, the tools are also avaiable without handle so that you can mount the shaft in a system handle of your choice.  The diameter of the section of tool which mounts into the tool handle is 1/2" (12.7mm).

Further details of each of the tools appears on its own page, accessed trhough the navigation buttons at the head of this page and in the left margin.


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