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Crown Turning Tools

Crown Tools are produced in Sheffield, England, using the traditional skills which have made and maintained the reputation of that city as the hub of the world's edge tool manufacturing industry.  The range is wide and encompasses not only woodturning tools (below) but also woodworking tools - and much more besides.  The product line includes several unique tools and the company has a reputation for providing excellent value.

In addition to a range of woodturning tools in M2 High Speed Steel, the company has also introduced a number of gouges for both spindle and bowl turning using steel produced using a powder metallurgical process, noted by a "PM" suffix on their part numbers - and highlighted on the relevant product pages.  This steel exhibits remarkably good edge retention properties making the interval between sharpenings far longer than is the case with standard high speed steel tools.

The Crown Hand Tools woodturning tools, shown below, are listed grouped by type, as follows:-

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