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High Performance Bowl Gouges

The following information is retained for buyer guidance. However, please note that these ASP powder metallurgy products are no longer available for on-line purchase due to difficulties in sourcing the special steels and the availability of today's superior steels such as M42.
We may still have a very few of these tools available from stock, in the gouges range, but please call if you wish to check availability.

If you are looking for tools manufactured from high performance steel, giving a superior tool, then we would strongly suggest that you take a look at the series of M42 tools from Hamlet

Oustanding in the Hamlet range is their unique range of bowl gouges produced in ASP2030 and the even tougher ASP2060 steels.  These ASP steels are members of the new generation of High Speed Tool Steels, produced in Sweden using a powder metallurgical process and which put conventional HS tool steels, such as M2, intComparison of standard (left) and Masterflute (right) profileso the shade.  The resulting steels are extremely homogeneous, have high strength and exceptional wear resistance yet retain easy grinding characteristics.  In fact, you can hear the difference when you grind one of these tools.  The use of these steels produces tools on which the edges outlasted conventional HSS tools several times over in our own severe tests

The bowl gouges offered in the unique configurations by The ToolPost, the bowl gouges are produced in both Standard and Masterflute profiles (seen on the left - standard - and right - Masterflute - of the accompanying photograph.).  We also stock the massive 5/8" Celtic grind bowl gougeCeltic Grind on 5/8, produced from 3/4" diameter bar stock.  This range is stocked in both standard and square across grinds in most sizes: the exceptions are the 5/8" gouges where the Celtic grind is normally preferred  and the 1/4" gouge where a Celtic grind is ineffective.  For clarity the Celtic grind is shown in the photo, right.  We also offer a choice of handle lengths on most of these tools so that you can benefit from superior cutting technology regardless of whether you have a massive bowl lathe or are a weekend turner with a modest workshop. Finally, we offer all sizes of gouge with a plain shank sized to fit the Hamlet Multi-Handle system.

Comparison between Celtic (left) and standard (right) grinds on 1/2The accompanying photograph, left, shows the difference between the Celtic grind on the left of the photo and the standard grind on the right.  Both gouges shown are 1/2" Masterflute types.

So choose the required gouge diameter, flute profile, material, grind type and handle length and treat your self to one - or more - of these supClick for larger imageerb, economically-priced gouges.

Please note that we now stock only the ASP2060 gouges since the price saving in buying the ASP2030 versions is small yet the performance loss by so doing is considerable - in our view.  ASP2030 versions can be obtained for special orders, if requested.

The photograph on the right shows the sort of variation from which you may choose.  All shown are 3/8" ASP2060 gouges but on the left is a Masterflute with standard grind and 16" handle; in the centre a Celtic ground Masterflute with 14" handle and on the right a standard flute gouge with standard grind but with 10" handle.  The choice is yours!

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