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Hamlet & Taylor Signature Tools
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Ring Tools, Hollowing Tools, Ring and Bead Forming Tools, Hollowing Tools and Shell Augers

Glenn Lucas Signature Tools

Glenn Lucas is a brilliant young Irish turner whose output of superbly made large-diameter bowl is little short of phenomenal. You can't turn out two thousand massive and beautiful turned bowl annually without learning a thing or two. That learning process has been crystallised in the design features of these tools and through them a little of Glenn's skill and wisdom may well brush off. (Now there's blarney for you - I did mention that Glenn is from the Emerald Isle did I not?). The gouges in this range all feature Glenn's style of double bevel for improved access and better tool control. All are very definitely heavy duty tools so the chance of vibration through the tool ruining a job is virtually nil.  A detailed instructional leaflet accompanies each tool and shows exactly how to replicate the sharpening style using a range of popular jigs and grinding systems.


Tracy Owen Signature Tools

Click for larger, annotated view of the Tracy Owen tools including TO1, TO2, TO3, TO4, TO5, TO6, TO7

Mike Mahoney Signature Tools by Henry Taylor

Click for larger image of Mike Mahoney tools KMM1, KMM2, MM3A, MM3B, MM4, MM5

I guess that if your web address is bowlturner.inc there's not going to be a lot of doubt about what you do for a living.  If you do something for a living, then you're likely to get pretty good at it.  If you're that good at it, you'll know exactly what tools you need to make your task as simple and efficient as possible.  That's the story behind this group of tools from Henry Taylor Tools, which bear the name of that doyenne of bowl turners, Mike Mahoney.  If you want to turn great bowls, owning tools like these will be a very good start.  If you wish to know how Mike makes bowls , then check out his DVDs.


Dale Nish Signature Box Scrapers

Tools in this group include: HCT211, HCT212, HCT213, HCT214, HCT460, HCT461, HCT430, HCT420, HCT421, HCT422, HCT423, HCT424, HCT425, HCT428 It probably doesn't take a lot of working out that these tools were created under the guidance of one of the "Grand Old Men" of US woodturning, Dale Nish.  As an author, entrepreneur, teacher and creative artist, Dale had contributed hugely to the development of woodturning not only in his own country but worldwide.

These tools were created as Dale's answer to the need to hollow small box forms quickly and easily, giving adequate access to all areas of the box, with an easily controlled action to create smoothly rounded internal shapes.  They will work equally well in a number of similar situations in bowl turning but are especially effective in end-grain timber, as one would expect from a box hollowing tool.  Three sizes are available as listed, and as photographed, left, reading from left to right: HCT211; HCT212; HCT213; HCT214.  Fitted with ash handles, not as shown.


Alan Lacer Signature Skew Chisels

Dainty skew chisels are fine for dainty jobs - but if you have some real wood-shifting to do, then a decently-proportioned tool makes life one whole lot easier.  Alan Lacer developed these special and substantial radiused skews, with a curved cutting edge and rolled edges, in order to make using a skew simpler and more pleasurable.  Not the sort of thing you'd use much making doll's house furniture, but if you do any spindle turning for projects such as furniture-making, then one of these could make the difference.


Specialist Tools

Hamlet 1in. & 1/2in. ring tools. Click for larger image. Refs: HCT125, HCT126, MPP-A1
Hamlet Square section hollowing tools. Click for larger image. Refs: HCT133, HCT134, HCT135, HCT219, HCT220, HCT221

(Right) The HCT219, HCT220 & HCT221 Hollowing Gouges inspired by Stuart Mortimer  .

Stuart Mortimer hollowing gouges for deep hollowing of spiral bine vessels: Refs: HCT219, HCT220, HCT221
Click for larger image of Ring & Bead tools for captive rings and bead forming.  Refs: HCT127, HCT128, HCT129, HCT130, HCT131, HCT132, HCT158, HCT159, HCT159A, HCT160, HCT161

Bead & Ring Tools

Bead Forming Tools (right) and Combination Captive Ring Tools (left)

Click for larger image of Ring & Bead tools for captive rings and bead forming.  Refs: HCT127, HCT128, HCT129, HCT130, HCT131, HCT132, HCT158, HCT159, HCT159A, HCT160, HCT161

For the drilling of long holes into end grain, the traditional tool was the shell auger.  These have now largely been superceded by the "deluxe" or "spiral" augers, featured below, which offer superior chip clearance (although you still need to pull the auger out and clear the chips every half inch or so).  If you fancy making a table lamp or standard lamp (socketed together from several sections, normally) then these are the tools for you.  Tailstock quills and hollow centres are normally bored 5/16 inch (8 mm) so be careful which you choose!


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