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Hamlet Craft Tools

Hamlet Craft Tools, based in Sheffield, England have been producing quality tools for a long time but, in the tradition of this famous toolmaking city, had been producing these for others to sell under their own brand names.  The Company are now part of the Henry Taylor group and have brought that tradition of excellence and experience to the range of tools now marketed under the Hamlet brand.

A number of products offered in these pages are available uniquely through The ToolPost in the UK.  This includes the full range of M42 gouges, covering bowl, spindle and spindle roughing gouge types.

The range of tools produced by Hamlet Craft Tools is presented over a number of pages, as follows:-

  • Hamlet Multi-Handle system including the Nikos Siragas deep hollowing and scraper system - "Big Brother", Little Brother and Little Sister - and a range of interchangeable blades suitable for most turning applications.
  • A range of gouges in M42 'Stay Sharp' steel.
  • A range of Turning Tools in M2 High Speed Steel as detailed below:-

Hamlet Craft Tools
M42 High Performance Tools &
M2 HSS Turning Tools Range

Although Hamlet Craft Tools were first brought to our notice because of their excellent range of bowl gouges in high-performance ASP steels - sadly no longer available - they also produce a fine range of well-finished turning tools in M2 High Speed Steel ("normal" HSS) which represent excellent value for money. However, the performance of ASP (PM) steels is eclipsed by that of M42 HSS and we are pleased to bring you the range of these superior tools instead. These are listed below according to type, as follows:-

Signature Tools from Dale Nish, Mike Mahoney, Tracy Owen & others

It is a happy fact that woodturners are generally very open about their tools and techniques and are ready to share their methods with others, from which we all benefit.  Several of our best-known professional colleagues have worked with Hamlet to develop tools which emulate their own tool preferences, so that anyone can take advantage of this development work.  In this section you'll find interesting tools from the minds of:-

The photo below shows the range of handles fitted to Hamlet tools, for comparison.  From top to bottom they are of length 14", 16" and 10".

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