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Thread Cutting Tools

There are two different approaches to threadcutting in timber.  Particularly for "smaller" threads - say, up to 1" diameter - the easiest and most accurate method is to use a thread box and tap.  These products are similar to the traditional engineer's tap and die, excepting that a thread box has only a single cutting edge.

For larger projects such as box lids, the preferred approach is to cut the threads using a thread "chaser ", of which both internal and external forms are produced - for obvious reasons.  Arm-rests, sizing gauges and thread recess cutters are also produced to assist in the use of these tools.  The proper manipulation of these tools is a test of skill and there are many articles by, in particular, Bill Jones on the subject, mainly taken from the pages of Woodturning magazine, though now also available in book form.  A brief handbook on the process, by Bill Jones, is included in the Crown Tools chaser sets.  In addition, Robert Sorby produce a video showing the process, and Allan Batty has a Masterclass video.

Finally we have the Beall Wood Threader system which enables perfect threads to be cut quickly, easily and accurately using only a router - no lathe required.

Thread Boxes

Thread boxes (c.f. "dies") for timber cut male threads and are used with taps which cut the mating female threads. A set, as illustrated right, consists of a thread box, plus a taper tap for starting the thread and (where noted in the description) a bottoming tap to cut to the bottom of a blind hole.


Thread Chasers and Accessories

We supply thread chasers from both Crown Tools and Robert Sorby and armrests and other items which tend to make this method easier to carry out. This method is best for threading items such as boxes, on the lathe.NB;  The term "tpi" stands for "Threads Per Inch" and refers to the pitch of the screw threads.  The greater the number of tpi, the finer the thread.  Hence a 12 tpi thread has bigger, coarser threads than a 20 tpi thread.

Chaser Sets
Comprise one internal and one external chaser per set.

Crown thread chasers, above, and Robert Sorby thread chasers, right.


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Recessing Tools
To produce the undercut relief behind the internal thread.

Crown TCRTN Thread Recess Cutting Tool (above) and Robert Sorby 895H Relief Cutting Tool (right).


Allow free tool movement when cutting the internal thread
- also useful in other internal turning operation such as box-making.

Armrests/tool supports from Crown, left, Sorby, right, and Taylor, below.


Sizing Gauge
helps get the sizes correct to make matching threads.


Don't forget that Allan Batty has a Masterclass video.too, also available on DVD.

Beall Wood Threader System

The Beall Wood Threader works with your router to cut threads in wood. Since the bit used for cutting is solid carbide, you can produce thousands of threads without ever having to sharpen it or adjust its angle. You can thread any species of wood (including exotic), without pre-treating, and many plastics as well. Your router clamps to the hard maple and aluminum table. (For fast set-up an aluminum centering sleeve is included.) Precision machined Delrin™ Threading Inserts ensure accuracy without marking your wood. Internal threads are produced with Combination Taps designed especially to cut wood easily and cleanly. All taps have removable pilots with the capacity to tap a full thread within 7/16" (11 mm) of the bottom of a hole, so that separate bottoming taps are unnecessary. The socket head screw which secures the pilot to the tap body is quickly and easily removed and just as easily reattached with the wrench included in each Wood Threader Kit. Larger taps have four flutes so that chips will clear easily, minimizing the physical effort required. The Wood Threader system is available as individual "one-size" sets or in economical multi-size sets.  The complete range provides six sizes: 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1", 1.1/4" and 1.1/2".  Comprehensive instructions are supplied with all kits and a book of inspirational ideas is also available.


*NB: Prices quoted in pounds sterling.
Value Added Tax will be added to invoices to EU residents unless
a valid VAT registration number is quoted when ordering.

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