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Clamps and Work Holding

Workholding is a challenge to almost every woodworker.  It is indeed a truism that "you can never have too many clamps".  Maybe we should interject the adjective "good" - as in "you can never have too many good clamps" since poor clamps cause so much frustration and grief.  Most of us also learn as our woodworking experience grows that the versatility of our clamping armoury is also important.  There is no universal clamping system and the more varied our collection of clamps, the better the chance that we can find the ideal solution for workholding in any situation.  We offer a range of economical but very sturdy clamps to suit a variety of applications.

G-Clamps: - or are they cramps?  The veritable "maids-of-all-work" of workholding.  These robust malleable iron clamps are available in a range of seven sizes from 50 mm (2") to 300 mm (12").  All sizes feature good throat clearance, a copper-plated screw, reinforced shoulders for greater strength, a swivel clamp head and a sliding tommy bar for tightening.  Finished in a heavy epoxy coating for long-term hard wearing corrosion-resistance.  If you like your tools "good and heavy" then you'll love these!


Sash Cramps: - for gluing up tabletops, made-up boards, cupboard sides, doors etc. there is nothing to match the reach and grip provided by a sash cramp.  Available in a range of sizes with the sliding jaw providing rapid continuous adjustment from the maximum length right down to zero.  The sliding jaw is held in place with a simple through pin in the traditional manner.  With a 1 1/4" x 1/4" bar (30 mm x 6 mm) these are robust cramps and match the traditional patterns likely to be found in many workshops so that extension bars already in your possession may also be used with these models.  The heads are of machined cast iron and the fine screw thread gives a very high clamping pressure.  At these prices you can plan to use as many clamps as you need instead of the number you can afford!  Now that really is progress.


Guide Clamps: - a relatively recent addition to the woodworker's armoury these versatile tools may be used as light clamps, as guide bars for power tool use or as benchtop workholding devices.  The clamp bar is from precision extruded aluminium and, clamped across a board provides a firm straight edge against which a circular saw, jigsaw or router may be run to give a true, straight cut without the hassle of clamping a batten across the workpiece with the inevitable problem of clamps getting in the way and having clearance under the board for the clamp heads etc.  These handy clamps are simply dropped into place on top of the board, the moveable clamp head is slid up to the workpiece and the cam-action lever locks the whole in place.  Couldn't be simpler.  If two of these clamps are bolted back to back, you have a neat way of holding any oversize workpiece in position whilst you work on it: the lower clamp grips onto the workbench or tabletop whilst the upper clamp retains the workpiece in position.


Silverline 160 mm Spring ClampSpring Clamps: - for when you want an extra hand to hold something in place whilst you pick up the screwdriver or whatever, these clamps are invaluable.  At this price they are more than simply affordable.  I have had clamps of this type knocking about my workshop, my photo studio, my home - just about anywhere I work and can always find a use for them  Packed in fives - yes those prices are for a pack of five, not singles - you can afford to be generous with yourself. 

Plastic construction and with contoured plastic jaws to avoid marking your precious workpieces.


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