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Whilst several different styles of drill are shown below, please note that if you are looking for our Condiment Mill Makers Drill Set that is listed with the condiment mill mechanisms.

Planet Sawtooth & Forstner Bits

These 'sawtooth' Forstner bits are all long shanked, all sizes Sawtooth Bithaving a minimum length of 150mm. Supplied by Planet Manufacturing, they are suitable for all types of wood and all applications, including end grain boring. Overlapping holes are easily produced. All these 'sawtooth' forstner bits are all also resharpenable, thus increasing their working life. Available in both imperial and metric sizes, as listed.  An excellent range which means that you should be able to find one to create a recess for "first fixing" to suit your chuck.


Famag Premium Bormax Forstner Bits

Famag manufacture a huge range of high quality drill and similar cutting tools at their manufacturing plant in Germany.  One of the truly revolutionary tools which they produce is the range of Bormax Forstner bits.  These high speed steel bits feature a unique wave-form cutting edge on the multi-spur cutting head which greatly enhances the cutting power.  Compared to most ordinary Forstner bits, the Bormax bits can be run at significantly higher cutting speeds making them fast-drilling.  At the same time the rigidity of the tool and the precision manufacture makes them extremely accurate: if precise hole sizes are a must for your project, then these are the tools to choose.  Bormax Forstner drills work equally well in hard and soft woods, particle boards and MDF.  High speed, reduced effort and greater accuracy - what more could one ask?


Economy Forstner Bits

Titanium Coated Forstener BitThese bargain Forstner bits are titanium coated for extended life. The set includes 7 of the most popular sizes used. Also listed is the 50mm version which is useful for creating a 'first fixing' recess for use with certain woodturning dovetail chucks: likewise the 40 mm which creates a hole that will drop onto 1" jaw sets.  Other chucks may require the use of larger bits, as listed above.


Beall Single Flute Countersinks

Beall 82 degree countersinkThese countersinks are feature a single flute to prooduce clean, chatterproof countersinks in timbers of all types.  Claimed by its maker Jerry Beall to be the best on the market and, knowing Jerry, it probably is.  Being of generous size it will countersink holes up to a full 1" (25 mm) diameter yet can be used right down to pin-size holes.  The chamfer produced is 82 degrees, making it ideal for countersinking screw heads.  The integral shank is 3/8" diameter to fit in most hand braces, pistol drills or a drill press.



Snail CountersinksThese countersinks are based on the snail design which make them suited for use in all natural timbers and composite boards. The central flute clears waste efficiently even when countersinking at maximum diameter. These countersinks can be resharpened, simply by using a diamond lap through the flute hole.


Economy Twist Drill Bits and Power Drills

Hi-Spec Hammer Drill For times when you may want to keep your finest drill in its finest condition, this very affordable hammer drill offers superb performance with a superb price to boot. Ideal for outdoor jobs where the elements may have their way and end up ruining electrical equipment, or for applications such as sanding which is inherently hard work on drills and by its very nature increases the volume of dust in the immediate area. These drills have everything you would expect from a drill costing much more, including keyless 1/2" chuck, hammer setting, variable speed, reversible drilling direction, auxilliary handle & a depth gauge  Various twist drill sets are listed below the hammer drill, offering a very economical way of obtaining sufficient drills to ensure that a suitable size is always to hand.  We use 'em too!!


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