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'Fings' for Framers

Following our involvement in various framing projects in recent years we are happy to be able to offer this selection of framing equipment from low cost items for single project use, to professional items to last a lifetime

If there are any items that you can not find here but would like to get hold of, then contact us and we'll do our best to help.

Chisels, slicks and other cutting equipment

Most of the work on mortises etc. can be carried out using a single size of framing chisel (mortise chisels are generally too short for timber framing work). Pictured is the 1.1/2" Sorby 285 Framing Chiselsize but other sizes are listed. A basic framing chisel is the 1.1/2" Sorby 285 chisel which has a generous length of blade unmatched by other brands.  We also offer the very nicely-presented, hand-forged and finished heavy duty socketed firmer chisels from Henry Taylor in both standard and offset styles.  The chisels will be supplied with a bevel angle of approx. 25 degrees.  For working in Douglas Fir, a softwood, a bevel angle of 25 degrees is recommended and rather than using a secondary bevel (as would be normal when working hardwoods) we would suggest that the full primary bevel is used, at the "as delivered" 25 degrees to maintain blade tip strength.  For use in hardwoods (e.g. oak) a secondary 30 degree bevel should be ground before use.  All larger chisels are optionally available with a real leather tip protector and these useful items are also available for purchase separately. Block PlaneThe framing chisel is designed to be driven using aNo 4 Bench Plane mallet and two sizes are offered in our list: choose the smaller one unless you are fit, strong or practiced: wielding heavy tools all day can be wearying in itself, even before you start to use them!

The economy planes offered here are a good choice for site work: if you mislay one of these planes, or if someone "misappropriates" it then you won't be heartbroken at these prices.  If you want workshop quality planes, take a look at our more everyday products from Stanley on our Planes page.


Marking Out

Metal Chalk LineFor initial layout, a chalk line is essential.  We have selected an aluminium-cased version for roSet of Three Carpenters Pencilsbustness and have packs of replacement marking chalk available in a variety of colours.  A marking knife works both for cross-grain marking in the approved manner (and a darn sight more safely than using a trimming knife) and as a support for a rule or square when laying out the vertical side faces of the timber baulks.  Note that the Crown range includes a left-hand version.  We'll even supply you with a carpenter's pencil.



Again we have taken a route of supplying affordable layout tools as these wSpirit levelill be in regular use on site and are not easy to keep out of harm's way - whicHi-Viz 8m measuring tapeh doesn't mean you shouldn't try!  The basic need is for a combination square for setting up tenon shoulders etc. but a framing square (surprise, surprise) can be very useful when layingCombination Square out the frame geometry itself.  The tape is a full eight metres, has a soft-touch case in "un-losable" bright colours and has both a belt clip and hand loop. Square Rule layout methods can be employed to advantage by using spirit levels for setting up. rather than winding sticks: a suitable level is listed below.



Diamong sharpening slipsSilicon Carbide Oil Stone To keep your chisel in razor-sharp condition, you will need to give it regular attention (little and often is the key to ease of working and long tool life).  The diamond slips shown here are very handy and, being in three grades, the appropriate grade can be used for the state of the tool being sharpened.  More traditional is the dual-grade combination oilstone, in a plastic box (traditional plastic, that is!) albeit of silicone carbide for fast, clean cutting. Or check out our Sharpening Section .


Accessories and Specialist Items

For those of you looking for something specific or simply something to expand your equipment tally here are some options relevant to timber framing:

  • Having invested money into your tools, it makes sense to invest in their longevity. Our selection of Tool Bags will help protect your tools as they are transported to and from and within the work site, keep all your tools together to avoid losing any!
  • There are various jobs that need to be done including squaring corners in mortices and making pegs, the appropriate Chisels and Draw Knife section can cater for both these needs.
  • When embelishment is needed on frames, the only option is to use Carving Chisels, for that authentic feel and look.

*NB: Prices quoted in pounds sterling. 
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