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The Oneway multigauge is a versatile product combining an accurately squared and ground cast iron base with a dial gauge. In the woodworkers workshop this finds application for setting planer and thicknesser knife and roller heights, squaring fences, setting table saw blade heights as well as measuring taks such as rebate depths, dowel diameters and board thicknesses, depths of cut, router bit setting etc.

Oneway 2289 Multi-Gauge


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Onway 2289 Multi-Gauge with dial indicator



  This is one of those "why didn't someone do it before" type tools: invaluable once you own one, yet you never even realised beforehand that you needed it!  Maybe as the general level of mathematical ability falls, it will become even more essential in our workshops!  So what is this indispensible tool?  It is a multi-point divider enabling you to divide a board, or the line between two points, into up to seven equi-spaced pitches ready for positioning dowel holes, biscuits, screw holes or whatever.  The Point-2-Point achieves this  quickly simply and accurately.  Its setting can be firmly locked in place to avoid alteration and to permit it to be replicated at other points on the workpiece.  The maximum span of the seven pitches is 600 mm (24").  I know there are other, clever, ways of doing this job, but what's wrong with doing it the quick, easy and accurate way?  After using one for some time, I would pass on just one tip about its use: the results will be more accurate if you always extend the unit beyond the end-point dimension you require and then compress it to the exact end point positions.  Thi simply takes up any slack in the mechanism and is, of course, nor more or less than good practice with any mechanical device.  Another great gizmo from M-Power!



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M-Power Point-2-Point setting out/dividing tool


Robust tough-covered measuring tapeHeavy Duty Tape:  If you're looking for an affordable, accurate measuring tape then this is the answer. This tape is seriously heavy duty with its robust 'soft touch' casing and its heavy gauge tape: at this price you really can afford to chuck it around.


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8m/26ft Hi-Vis Measuring Tape


Calipers, Rules, Micrometers & Squares

12 inch steel ruleThere are some tools that are so essential, yet so economical (if bought approproiately) that they should be treated a consumables.  Without doubt, steel rules are in that category.  Clear divisions assisit in accurate measurementThe rules shown below are stainless steel single-sided rules with an anti-glare coating and clearly legible scales in both imperial (inch) and metric (mm) units.  The reverse side carries useful data such as imperial/metric conversions and thread size data for ISO metric threads.  We are not going to claim that these are "toolroom standard" but they are very reasonable, decent everyday rules appropriate for daily workbench use and economical enough to lose every once in a while!


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Steel Rules

150mm rule, single sided, metric and imperial graduations stainless steel.


300mm rule, single sided, metric and imperial graduations stainless steel..


600mm rule, single sided, metric and imperial graduations stainless steel..


900mm rule, single sided, metric and imperial graduations stainless steel..


Plastic digital calliperThis excellent little 150 mm (6") digital caliper is a very real boon, especially for those of us to whom Father Time is calling loudly and who now find themselves "visually challenged".  I find reading a vernier scale very difficult now, without the aid of a jeweller's lens - even then the old grey stuff frequently forgets the answer I've read before I get to write it down.  So what a boon this little beauty is.  The measured dimeDigital calliper in stainless steelnsion is displayed in large clear digits to 0.1mm or 0.01 inches with an accuracy of 0.01 mm or 0.005 inches (either selected at the press of a button, giving instant conversion from imperial to metric units) and is displayed until the auto power-off kills the display after a period of inactivity.  Differential measurements are a doddle too as the value can be zeroed anywhere.  This versatile tool measures external and internal features as well as depths and step heights, all with the same ease and precision.  The SR44 battery IS included and is easily Vernier calliperreplaced with spares from a drug store, electrical store or chemist's.  The whole is also lightweight, being made of carbon fibre reinforced composite material.  There's even an output port to connect to a computer - if you know what to do with it!  Please note that supplied units may differ visually from the accompnying illustration. 

For those who eschew the use of plastics - however good - for such products there's an all-stainless steel version of the digital caliper too, supplied in a carrying case.Finally, for the traditionally inclined, we feature a genuine 6 inch/150 mm vernier caliper - that is to say, one that features a vernier scale instead of a digital readout. This is also all-stainless steel and presented in a carrying case - in plastic. 


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Digital & Vernier Calipers

150 mm Digital Caliper, reinforced plastic, calibrated in mm and inches


150 mm Digital Caliper, stainless steel, calibrated in mm and inches


150 mm Vernier Caliper, stainless steel, inch and metric scales


Digital micrometer 0-25 mm & 0-1 inch rangeExternal micrometer 0 - 25 mm rangeFor even greater accuracy in measurement we also carry a nice digital micrometer as well as a traditional  micrometer (featuring tungsten carbide anvils), both at very reasonable prices. Since that moves us into the area of the engineering workshop, we have also included a robust 6" engineer's square in this section.


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Micrometers and Engineer's Try Square

Expert Digital Micrometer, 1"/25 mm range; resolution 0.001 mm / 0.00005".  Enamelled frame, satin chrome thimble and sleeve (see photo, above, left)


External Micrometer, 1"/25 mm range; resolution 0.01 mm .  Enamelled frame, satin chrome thimble and sleeve (see photo, above, right)


Engineer's square Engineer's all-steel try square, 150 mm blade, hardened steel (see left)


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