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Squares and Bevels

Click for larger imageTry-Squares:  For checking that planed stock is square and true.  Plane a true edge, mark it and plane the face true (square) to that edge, using the try square to check as you proceed.  These are habits often forgotten in these days of shrink-wrapped bundles of "PAR" softwood (perish the thought) but for quality woodwork, using hardwoods or sawn timber, these essentials to sound workmanship don't change.

These squares are made to British Standard 3322 by Crown Tools and feature a rosewood stock with brass facings and hardened, tempered and blued blades securely rivetted to the stock.  We also supply an  Engineer's square.


Dovetail Squares:  Q: When is a square not a square?  A: When it is designed for marking out dovetails.  Click for a larger image of these tools

Creating perfect dovetails is not easy but is certainly made a whole lot easier if the marking out is accurate.  It is also worthy of note that not all dovetails are created equal: in more compressible, softer, timbers it is recommended to use a lower dovetail angle (1:6) whereas the appearance of dovetails is more refined if they are set at a steeper angle (1:8), as can be the case when using harder timbers.  Hence you can choose our 1:6 square for softer woods (more splayed dovetails) or the 1:8 to add that touch of refinement in harder woods.  But at this price, why choose?  One of each makes a lot of sense!


Multi-Angle Square  A unique marking tool from Crown Tools, featuring a solid brass blade, 1/8" (3mm) thick, with a brass-faced rosewood stock.  The blade is profiled to provide angles of 90, 45, 30 and 60 degrees.  A handy device and one that it's unlikely that anyone in your neighbourhood owns!  In brass and rosewood, it's worth buying just to hang on the 'shop wall, using the handy little hole so thoughtfully provided!


Adjustable Bevels:  The 116X bevel is another unique marking tool from Crown Tools, featuring a solid brass 9" (225 mm) blade, 1/8" (3mm) thick, with a brass-bound rosewood stock, as illustrated.  The blade is secured with a brass wing nut to complete the impression of a solid, traditionally-styled instrument. A longer, 12" (304 mm), steel blade distinguishes the 118A.

Crown Tools 116X 9 inch adjustable brass bevel

Combination Square: 
When multiple angles are needed quickly, for setting out tenons and mortices, the combination square is the tool for the job.  With its 90 and 45 degree angles, and an incorporated spirit level this piece of equipment becomes very versatile indeed.


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