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Proxxon Precision Power Tools

Proxxon precision electrical tools are made for those who enjoy working in miniature, model engineering, woodcarving etc. as well as the skilled tradesman looking for quality power tools of compact and convenient form.  Woodturners love the Long Neck grinder for texturing and sculpting the work surface.  Engineers are equally well served by the Proxxon range with a lineup of sturdy, small-scale lathes, milling heads, bench drills and associated tooling.

The range of Proxxon tools and accessories is huge - frankly too huge to effectively present here in a convenient form so we have restricted our listing to the most popular items.  If you have queries about any Proxxon products or wish to know what tools may be available in the range to suit your particular needs, then please give us a call or send an email.

Above all you can be assured that the quality of the tools from this well-established and innovative German company is first-class and the back-up service, should it be required, second to none.

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Drill-Grinders & Accessories

One of the most versatile tools in the modern workshop is the miniature drill/grinder.  As one would expect, Proxxon are at the forefront of this class of machine with a broad offering to meet almost any need.  For general workshop use the two most deservedly popular are the economical FBS240/E and the professional IB/E.
Proxxon FBS/240E Drill-Grinder
The FBS/240E features a variable speed 240 volt, 100 watt motor with speed range from 5000 to 20000 rev/min, easily varied through a rotary dial mounted towards the rear of the unit.  The full wave electronic speed control gives almost constant torque output even at the slower speed settings.  The well-balanced polyamide case has soft grip panels making the tool comfortable to use whilst the lightweight cable minimises any influence of drag from that source.  A metal collar at the front of the unit, 20 mm in diameter allows the drill to be used in the various attachments such as clamps, drill stand etc. available from Proxxon.  In its standard form the drill is supplied complete with 43 tooling items including twist drills, grinding points, sanding drums, a wire brush, buffing mops and a selection of slitting discs.  These items all mount in the precision three-jaw chuck (0.3 - 3.2 mm capacity) provided with the drill.  The drill may also be fitted with collets in lieu of the supplied standard chuck by purchasing product reference 28940.

Where absolute precision is a must, the Professional IB/E drill/grinder is the obvious choice.  This fine tool has a 240 volt drive system specification similar to that of the FBS/240E but the all-important bearing Proxxon IB/E Precision Drill-Grinderassembly is mounted in a robust die-cast aluminium nose-piece  incorporating the 20 mm collar which provides the interface to the range of accessory products.  To maintain critical accuracy, this drill is fitted as standard with the high precision hardened collet system with collets sized 1.0; 1.5; 2.0; 2.4; 3.0 and 3.2 mm to suit the shafts of the generally-available micro-tooling.  Compare this collect specification with the un-hardened aluminium versions supplied with so many of the lesser tools on the market and you will start to appreciate the value of quality.  This drill is supplied with 34 assorted cutting, buffing, drilling and grinding accessories in a plastic carrying case.


Drilling, Grinding, Cutting & Sanding Accessories

A small sample of the large range of accessories available for the Proxxon precision power tool systemTo ensure the best performance from your Proxxon tool, it makes sense to use it in combination with the high quality tooling supplied by Proxxon for the purpose.  The list below shows the most popular items from the extensive range of cutters, drills, mops, brushes etc. available from Proxxon. Also see DuraGRIT.


Angle Grinder/PowerCarver & Accessories

Although originally conceived as a general purpose angle grinder, the LWS Long Neck Grinder, another fine tool from Proxxon, has been taken to the hearts of woodturners everywhere for use as a surface texturing tool.  Equipped with the 29050 circular rasp or a 2" diameter (50mm) toothed cutter such as the Proxxon LWS long neck grinder, much beloved of woodturners for surface decorationArbortech mini cutting blade, or Saburr Donut, Flat Face or Mortimer Bine Cutting Discs, this fine tool can take turned work a league beyond the ordinary for relatively little extra effort. Similarly equipped it performs as an ideal power carving tool capable of intricate shaping as well as bulk stock removal, especially when using the Saburr wheels.  Of course, care is needed when using any power tool in combination with work which may also be rotating on the lathe, but the light and manoeuvrable LWS is a whole lot safer and easier to use in this manner than a full size angle grinder could ever be!

Of course the tool performs very well as a "normal" angle grinder too for sanding and polishing, but I can't help my prejudices and interests showing through! For carvers abd turners - and those who combine both skills, this is a superb tool.


Reciprocating Power Carver & Accessories

Proxxon MOS Power CarverFor some folk, handling standard carving tools is too difficult because of limitations in hand strength or mobility.  The Proxxon MOS Power Carver changes all that.  With simple push-in blade mounting in a collet system, the robust tool is supplied with three bits - gouge, vee tool and straight chisel to enable carving to be undertaken "straight out of the box".  A stroke speed of 10000 strokes/minute drives the blades effortlessly, leaving the user to concentrate on what is being carved, rather than how to manage it.  Some manufacturers, such as Flexcut, also supply adapters and blades to suit this tool, in addition to those produced by Proxxon.


Miscellaneous Products

Proxxon KT150 2-dimensional Co-ordinate Table
Proxxon KT70 2-dimensional Co-ordinate Table

Proxxon FMZ Universal Vice with spherical mounting and bench clampThe Proxxon range also includes a number of accessories designed to simplify working with small power tools in the workshop.  Since the range includes  machinery such as lathes and milling machines, there are compatible items such as co-ordinate tables available.  As these often find use beyond the realms of the machine shop we have included a few such items here.  Also shown are the MS4 machine vice and the excellent FMZ universal vice with spherical mount.  Finally there's a micro blow torch that would be equally at home in a well-equipped kitchen (think creme brulee toppings!) as in the well-equipped workshop.  Ideal for precision soldering and brazing the torch creates a 1300 C super fine flame from standard butane lighter fuel cartridges.  Ignition is by an in-built piezo lighter.


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