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Elementary' Screwdrivers

Elementary Screwdrivers: Click for larger imageThese excellent screwdrivers are one cabinet-maker's answer to the problem of being unable to find a traditional style screwdriver that is capable of driving modern crosshead style screws as well as traditional slotted screws.

We all know that interchangeable bit 'drivers are versatile but oh those plastic handles?!  Blisters abound!  Now, thanks to the initiative of Justin Holmes you can have the best of both worlds.

There are two designs of screwdriver in the range: one a traditional style approximately 9" (225 mm) overall and the second a "chubby" style measuring just about 3" (75 mm).  The handles are turned from beech and incorporate flats both preventing rolling off the bench and giving that extra bit of grip.  Being wooden handles - and delightfully "chunky" ones too - you can use these 'drivers all day, every day, in both hot and cold weather without suffering blisters, sweaty hands or frozen fingers.  And they take on a lovely patina with use just like "real" tools used to!

The well made bits supplied are, for the individually-packed screwdrivers, 5 mm and 7 mm flat blades, PZ1 and PZ2 for Pozidrive and Supadrive screws and PH1 and PH2 styles for users of that older US-derived style.  The twin-driver set contains both types of 'driver and an extended range of 9 tips - all of the above plus a 6 mm flat blade and both PZ3 and PH3 sizes.

Nicely packaged in robust cartons, with an information sheet, making these unusual products an excellent notion for gift-giving.


Cabinet Screwdrivers

These screwdrivers owe nothing to the age of plastics, machine-drive head patterns or the shelves of the DIY "barns".  But what you do get is a fine, beech-handled traditional pattern screwdriver with a forged blade and a nicely turned handle.

Overall dimensions stated are approximate and are for guidance only.  Blade lengths are as per manufacturer's catalogue descriptions.



Rampin is a brutal-sounding word for a device designed to hold a small brad, panel or escutcheon pin magnetically, enabling it to be pushed into place with greater ease and precision - and less risk of damage than is often the case when using a pin hammer.  Hence also the milder name - Bradpusher.


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