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Tool Storage

This find is a real gem: tool rolls made with such care and of such high quality leather; you'll begin to wonder what prime piece of designer clothing was sacrificed to make them. These tool rolls, which are unique to The ToolPost in the UK, are made of top quality leather that simply drapes like silk, it is so soft and supple.  Rest them on your hand and feel the leather slip between your fingers.  If this sounds more like a love affair than a product description,  there's good reason. I have used and seen many tool rolls and bags over the years, but these truly are the pinnacle, the crème de la crème of storage options.  There's no need to look any further, the best is here! Perfect for wood chisels, framing chisels and other precious cutting to5 pocket toolroll GKROLL5ols. Available in two sizes: a 7 pocket version to take tools up to a hefty 400mm overall length and an 10 pocket to take tools up to 280mm in length. (The tool roll shown top left is the larger version, shown holding 1/2" & 1/4" mortise chisels and a 1 1/4" bevel edge chisel.  The tools are for illustration purposes only.)10 pocket toolroll GKROLL10

If your tools are generally smaller and lighter - maybe carving knives and gouges, then we also offer two superb split leather toolrolls more suitable for these smaller items.  The smaller of these has five pockets to hold tools up to 200 mm in overall length whilst the larger has capacity for ten tools with length up to 240 mm.  These are again rolls of extraordinary softness and suppleness, fit to be worn to Prince Charming's Ball!!  NB:  These are the toolrolls supplied with our own whittling and chip carving sets.

Please note that toolrolls are designed such that the HANDLES of the tools fit into the pockets  with the blades laid across the top of the opposing pocket. That way, the tie tapes cinch the roll in to the "waist" of the tool retaining the handle in the pocket and ensuring that the chisel cannot slip out when the roll is when the roll is up-ended.  (OK, so now do you understand why your old toolroll has the pockets cut to shreds?).  Here's a demonstration of how to do it.

Premium Toolrolls


There is one thing that will make a mess of your stored tools, even if your selection of tool cases is careful - and that is the dreaded corrosion.  Help is at hand!  Shield Technology manufacture a superb range of active corrosion protection and inhibition products and we have them available for you.  Included in the range are waxes for long term protection of tool blades and machine tables as well as the superb VCI vapour phase inhibitor toolbox protector which simply sits in your toolbox and releases protective vapours continuously until exhausted, keeping damp at bay and surrounding your precious tools with a proven corrosion inhibitor.  In fact Shield even have products to promote the removal of rust from spoiled tools, enabling you to bring them back to pristine condition.  When it comes to corrosion, you really do need an effective Shield!

A major contribution to keeping tools in good condition is to store themLeather tool toll, 8 pockets appropriately.  Tool cupboards and divided toolboxes, properly organised, can do the job in the workshop but what about when you are working out and about, or if your tools have to lie in a large bin or box where tools lie atop each other?

Tools at particular risk in these circumstances are edge tools and, most of all, chisels.  Both woodworking and woodcarving chisels are subject to damage from unprotected storage and need to be protected.

To mitigate these risks, we are pleased to offer an economically-priced leather chisel roll which will keep your tools in good condition for many years.  T12 pocket cotton canvas toolrollhese chisel rolls will take tools up to 310 mm long and are secured by a tape closure.  Although offering eight pockets, if that is not enough, bear in mind that at this price you can afford to buy sufficient rolls to allocate "a pocket a piece"!  If your preferences are for less exotic materials then we would commend our cotton canvas toolroll to you (photo, right): this features twelve (12) pockets, including two with specially wide pockets to accommodate the chunkiest of chisel handles.  The pockets are arranged as six pockets on each of the two "leaves" of the roll, which fold against each other and are secured by plated press-studs to create a secure storage environment, large enough to take a chisel 310 mm long..

Economy Toolrolls


Toolbags - for Turners Too!

Hide tool bag from The ToolPost; 27 inches (680mm) long and 6 inches (150mm) diameter, easily able to carry 20 or more turning tools Heavy duty canvas tool bag from The ToolPost; 30 inches (750mm) long and 6 inches (150mm) diameter, easily able to carry 20 or more turning tools
Hide toolbag showing the range of more than 20 tools packed
HD Canvas toolbag showing the range of more than 20 tools packed

As woodturners with a need to shift kits between demos, shows etc. we have long been frustrated by the dearth of suitable toolbags on the market. We've tried steel boxes but they are heavy, noisy, the tools rattle around and the box corners and fittings tend to knock bits out of your legs! Plastic boxes, if you can find any that are anything like long enough, share most of the same shortcomings.

We decided to use our contacts in the leather-bag-making industry to try to get a bag -bags - that met our definition of what was needed. The results are the two bags shown, left, and listed, below.

The first of these is made of really robust, heavyweight vegetable tanned hide with double thickness ends. Being leather, your nicely sharpened tools will not get dulled or damaged by coming into contact with the bag. The compartment of the bag is a full 27 inches (680mm) long - sufficiently long for almost any turning tool, even hollowing tools and long-handled gouges. In our tests we packed more than 20 such tools into the bag - see photos - and were still able to close it perfectly easily.

Because good quality heavy gauge leather, though very durable, is expensive we also decided to produce a similar toolbag that still reflected the needs of the turner - and possibly the timber framer - but which is more affordable. For this we selected a heavy duty cotton canvas fabric that is tough as old boots - or maybe old-time ship's sails. It is certainly a robust material.

We used this canvas to create a bag that is slightly greater in length - a full 30 inches (750mm) long - and also 6 inches (150mm) in diameter. This will also take in excess of 20 typical turning tools and I didn't have any in my rack that took up the full available length, but you may have even longer tools? Because tools can move around in transport, the end faces of the bag are again reinforced, as in the leather version. Woven bindings protect all raw fabric edges, as seen in the photos.

Both bags feature three closure straps with hefty buckles for security and the carry handles are long - sufficiently long that I can hoist my bag onto my shoulder for comfortable carrying over longer distances.


Now we all know that tool bags are designed to contain almost all the tools you need for theTool bag, canvas, 760 mm long job, but never quite enough!  Turners, in particular, suffer from tool bags that are too short to take hollowing tools as well as many of the modern, longer gouges and similar tools.  Our toolbags are made for real woodworkers! - they are a full 760 mm (30") long, a generous 220 mm (8.5") wide and 200 mm (8") tall.  To keep your tools securely in place, the bag is provided with two cinch straps which pass right around the bag, as well as a closure strap.  The handles are rope-style to give a comfortable grip without cutting your hand when you are carrying your full c600 mm Toolbag, zipped.  Also available 760 mm longomplement of tools.  Imagine that: a tool bag that you can actually get a real handsaw into, not simply a "toolbox saw".  Will wonders never cease!?   If you prefer to hold your tools in zippered security, we also offer a 760 mm toolbag with zip closure, complete with webbing handles which go right under the bag for maximum strength.  Alternatively, if a slightly shorter tool bag meets your needs, then consider our 600 mm long zip-topped bag as shown in the photo, left.  The cross-section size of these zippered bags is 180 (7") wide by 190 (7.5") deep


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