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If you thought that there were only four sizes of chisels, one style and one handle material, this page should disavow you of the thought!  We stock a large range of woodworking chisels, including rare items such as framing chisels, slicks, mortise chisels and many others including several designs of Draw Knives.

Some of the specialist chisels such as Socketed Chisels and Framing Chisels are listed on other pages of the site.  For others such as sash mortise chisels, in-cannel and out-cannel gouges etc. email detailing your requirements and we'll endeavour to help.  Below, we list:-

Bevel Edge Chisels:
Hamlet & Crown, including sets
Sorby Type 166
Sorby Type 167
Sorby Type 510
Sorby Type 520
Sorby Boxed Sets

Draw Knives
Straight and Curved, large and small.

Butt Chisels:
Crown Tools incl. sets
Skew Chisels:
Crown Tools, in pairs
Paring Chisels:
Bevel Edge Paring
Cranked Bevel Edge Paring

Specialist Chisels
Corner Cutting & Cleaning

Mortise Chisels
Registered Mortise Chisels

Range of chisels from Hamlet Craft Tools

Selection of Hamlet Craft Tools' chisels

Bevel Edge Chisels tend to be the "maids-of-all-work" of the modern woodworker.  We are now stocking an increasing range, particularly of the Hamlet and Crown ranges which are very economical whilst offering decent quality.  The premium range Sorby chisels are usually available on two to three days delivery for the sizes and handle types we do not stock from their huge range.  We have also included some chisel sets as these usually represent an economical way of setting up a basic toolkit.

Hamlet Craft Tools and Crown Tools Bevel Edge Chisels


Robert Sorby Type 166 and 167 Bevel Edge Chisels

Robert Sorby types 166 chisel with boxwood carver handle and type 167 with octagonal boxwood handle.

Upper: Sorby Type 166 with boxwood carver handle incorporating leather shock-absorbing washer between handle, which is fitted with parallel brass ferrule, and bolster.
Lower: Sorby Type 167 with octagonal; boxwood handle and parallel brass ferrule plus solid brass top hoop for extra handle strength.  Also features shock-absorbing leather washer.


Robert Sorby Type 510 Bevel Edge Chisels

Robert Sorby type 510 chisel - boxwood handled

Boxwood, the hard, close-grained hardwood featured in the handles of these superb chisels has been the craftsman's choice for fine handles over the years.  The elegantly-shaped handle is paired with a tapered brass ferrule to give a smooth comfortable hand-grip that you'll be glad to hold day in, day out, through the lifetime's service such tools will give.


Robert Sorby Type 520 Bevel Edge Chisels

Robert Sorby trype 520 chisel - rosewood handled

For many woodworkers there is nothing to match the look of dark sophistication and unique feel of a rosewood handle.  Here the plantation-grown timber is paired with a tapered brass ferrule to create a smooth, refined handle shape you'll love to hold.


Robert Sorby Boxed Sets

All of the Robert Sorby series chisel styles are also available in boxed sets of  5 chisels, ideal for gifts.
The 5 chisel sets comprise: 1", 3/4", 1/2", 3/8" & 1/4" chisels.
All the sets are presented in the same way as that shown in the picture here, in a 'presentation' box.

(Set of 5 Robert Sorby Series 167 bevel edge chisels pictured right)


Crown Tools Butt Chisels, including sets.

Butt chisels are basically short bevel edge chisels.  The handle is designed to sit in the ball of the hand.  With an overall length of 6" including a blade of 3.1/2", these are very useful in tight confines and for very accurate cutting and paring of joints.

Sold singly or in sets - and why wouldn't you want to own a full set at these prices?

Set of four Crown butt chisels with rosewood handles


Skew Chisels

The skewed cutting edge of these chisels enables them to slice cleanly through the timber making them ideal for precise paring.  Their sharp point also makes them useful for cleaning into corners.  Sold as pairs - one left- and one right-handed.

Crown skew chisels with rosewood handles


Paring Chisels

Crown cranked and straight paring chiselsParing chisels come in two types: the upper one in the illustration is the conventional straight paring chisel whilst that on the right is a cranked paring chisel.  The cranked chisel is especially useful as it is easy to work into awkward spaces with the tool blade still able to lie flat on the surface.


Specialist Chisels

A couple of specialist tools that will help you get into the tight corners that little else will.  The corner cutting chisel will make short work of squaring out the recesses for things such as hinges whilst the corner cleaning chisels will work in the other plane to clean the waste out of the corners.

Pair of Crown corner cleaning chisels
Crown corner cutting chisel


Registered Mortise Chisels from Crown Tools

When the going gets tough, the tough get -  their registered motise chisels.  Designed for heavy work of all types, but originally conceived for cutting the deep mortises required for timber-framed structures, heavy-section window and door frames and other substantial works.  Fitted with double steel hoops on ash handles for robustness.

Crown registered mortise chisel


Draw Knives

Crown DK Drawknife - English patternThe draw knife provides a quick and simple way of removing large amounts of stock from timber billets.  Much loved by the green woodworker, these tools have been with us since the very dawn of woodworking.  Two styles are offered: the straight-bladed with handles set at ninety degrees to the line of the blade, also known as the English pattern; and the curved bladed style, with handles in line with the cutting edge, also known as the continental pattern.

We also offer a number of draw knives which are made for The ToolPost and wCrown Bent, or Continental pattern drawknifehich offer both excellent value and features not found elsewhere.  Our "standard size" drawknife, known as the DK10, shown, left, features a 10inch/250 mm blade edge length.  The ToolPost's own forged DK10 drawknife complete with edge protectorUnlike most other drawknives in current production, this fine tool is hand forged and polished with a strengthening rib to the rear of the substantial blade (very much like my treasured classic Tyzack drawknife).  In a further harking back to the days of quality hand tools, the carefully ground edge of this knife is subtly curved, when viewed in plan, giving a beautifully smooth cutting action that seems to glide through the work.  A pair of rosewood handles and a leather edge protector complete the classic picture.

For smaller work, the DK0045 (pictured), with its 4.5 inch (115 mm) cutClick for enlarged view of this toolting edge, is a treat to use.  With careful attention to detail, the rosewood handles are set on cranked tangs to lift the hands to a comfortable position and avoid the chances of "knuckle-scraping" when working on the table-top.  The brass ferrules, polished blade and real leather edge protector reflect the care which goes into the manufacture of these fine tools.

FClick for enlarged view of this toolinally, we offer a product created with the special needs of woodcarvers in mind, the 1500-P, which can be used equally effectively as a draw- or push-knife.  This tool features a polished carbon steel 4.25 inch (110 mm) double-beveled blade attached firmly to the rosewood handles through brass ferrules.  The handles are set in line with the blade, giving the tool unparalleled flexibility in use.  The knife is supplied complete with a protective leather edge guard.


**NB: Prices quoted in pounds sterling. 
Value Added Tax will be added to invoices to EU residents, unless a valid EU VAT Registration Number is provided

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